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how many levels are there ?

It’s endless, increasing number of spikes and speed, up to fixed values.

hello there Im interested in buying your game but I don’t code. do you provide any reskin service and admob integration?

Hi, Generally I don’t offer reskin service, I don’t create new graphics. Please check the reskin tutorial (link in item description). It’s explained step by step how to perform reskinning


license =
    google =

What is this codes? What write this area?

Hi again; we do this but don’t work. Purchasing no problem but leaderboards and achievement don’t work. Please help me. This button does not work in gameplay.

Did you follow all the steps carefully? As you can see – in my version of the game it works

Hey I am interested to buy this if you have android Studio version.

Hi, there is no android studio version because it uses different programming language. Corona sdk is easy to use – here you can find step by step tutorial: http://gamingmobile.eu/tutorials/android_tutorial.html

Prior to the purchase, I just wanted to confirm if we can multiple options for Coin Packs rather than just one what I see in this game?

I wanted to have multiple coins pack like 3000, 5000 and 7000 with different prices. Is it possible to have? Looking forward…

Currently I have no time to modify projects for custom needs. After purchasing you can do whatever you want with the code – you can add the functionality you are talking about on your own. Cheers.

How i can add achievement 100 points? I just make new achievement and named it 100 points and then add id to source?

Theres many bees. Can i change these price and do they have any difference about gameplay (or just look)?

You should make new achievement, choose a correct name and you can set how many points user gets for unlocking it (100 points for example). You can change the price of bees, the difference is only the look.

Is the game running on the android studio

no, it uses Corona SDK