Beautician is full application, which is using Alloy for mobile app, CodeIgniter for backend management system and Google Chart API for data analytics and visualization. It would be support for iPhone, iPad and Android with only portrait orientation.

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I would like to highlight some cool features of Beautician.

FAQ For Beautician

Q: It is using Titanium Alloy?
A: Yes using Alloy MVC. Not classic.

Q: Is it using API in between app and backend?
A: Yes, we using RESTFUL API in between app and backend.

Q: Is it available for backend?
A: Yes, backend is using CodeIgniter framework. You can manage easily for Category, Item, User and Data Analytics.

Q: How easy to setup & config at hosting for Backend/API/APP?
A: Yes it is straightforward.
For Backend, you can setup/configure any hosting which is supporting php(5.3.x) & mysql(5.5.x).
For API & APP, You just need to change config value for API URL from Alloy Project. There is global config file like this. urls.domain =

Q: How easy to customize for another theme color for App? A: Beautician is using unlimited theme concept by using configuration file. Moreover, it is using FontIcon instead of normal png file so you can change easily for another icon color at config file. No need to edit/change another icon color at PhotoShop. Please take a look our tutorial video at here.

Q: Easy to change another language?
A: Yes, labels, texts and messages are reading from config file. If you want to change another language, you could replace all those language values.

Q: Push Notification Support?
A: No.

Q: Facebook and Twitter Login?
A: No.

Notice About Titanium License

Please aware for Titanium SDK license at here :

Change Log

Version : 1.1.1

Released Date : 8 Jun 2016

What’s New Update?
Just some update to compatible with latest stable Titanium SDK version(5.2.2 GA). It will work latest iOS 9 and Android 5 & 6.

Version : 1.1.0

Released Date : 12 Sept 2014

What’s New Feature?
1) Top 10 (Popular Items)

What’s Improvement?
1) {Android} SideMenu click event bug with Ti SDK 3.3.0 GA
2) {Android} Hide Navbar using custom theme at SDK 3.3.0 GA
3) To Support For Latest SDK 3.3.0 GA

Bug Fixed
1) Logout Bug
2) Profile Bugs
3) User already exist bug

What you will get?

  1. Titanium Alloy Source Code
  2. CodeIgniter Backend Source Code
  4. App Logo PSD
  5. Splash Screen PSD
  6. App Design Pages PSD


All those features are ready to start and good enough for your full application development and customization. If you want to know more about it, please drop message to

Online User Guide

Here is online user guide for your easy customization :