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The templates have AdMob?

can the user come back and check the best score?

how can i add admob? and also any demo apk ?

demo apk pls

also what is this made in..Any game engine used?

I have bought, and I’m not very happy. It forces me to buy a “Construct 2” software, to export the project to Android. I should comment before offering the app. If you do not buy the software, I have nothing, and is worth € 99 licenses. Honestly does not seem right, since I have made ??a purchase at all, the Android app is useless to me if I do not spend € 99. Very annoying.

You can send me C2 project, I’ll help you to export :)

You would export the project to me for free? It is a great detail.

please be more clear in the content of what he does I install and convert between friends? which linguaguem? I can edit it in the source code? you send the source code? how to install?

Hi: 1. can you please provide a demo .apk ? (even on Googleplay) 2. Is there any ad-integration? 3. Can it be re-configured in Eclipse?

-also, can you please respond to the other comments so that possible buyers can understand what kind of effort is needed to work with this code. -it is unlikely that anyone will buy this if details are not provided ! Thanks, Amsi

it looks to me scam!

can you send me an apk for demo?

The templates have interstitial admob?

Hello, can you please check your facebook messages. I wrote you a message regarding a some customized options in game :)

there is admob included?


which graphic format do you use? png or jpg or other? which resolution have this? are all content free of right from other?

hello Exported games won`t work until you upload them. ( when running on the file :///protocol, browsers block many features from working for security reasons

1. there is no sound on apk, it not working on landscape mode.

what i suppose to do ?

is there support here ??????????????????????/?????????????????????????????????

is there any support ? this author i think not exist?????