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hi bro, how i can create the proxy list.. i pay for a premium vpn,

whats next? i just create a .txt whit the proxys ips and user and pasword? where i can get that?

how i ask for that list on the support page of my vpn


VPN means some mechanism of redirecting your traffic through the another machine – there is input IP:Port point with credentials or IP restriction which you can use to redirect your traffic in the system. Output IPs can be different in result of the number of web request – this is independence of the proxy provider politic how output IPs change. I don’t have information how it will be for your VPN – ask your VPN seller.

In the tool IP:Port proxy list used. That is means you provided number of IPs that application uses for performing requests. It’s supposed that in result you will not have your own public local IP on server side.

For example: your public ip =, proxy IP 1 =, proxy IP 2 = When you set proxy list in the tool the process takes IP 1 first time, and performs some actions (video watching), then takes IP 2 next time and pefroms next action – in result you will have two views from two different IPs.

So, you need to ask your proxy seller about IP:Port proxy list.

The format for the tool: IP:Port|User|Password (you can get it by click on ”?” button near proxy field).

The second option is that you setup VPN in local system and IP changing in VPN software that provided seller – every 5 min for example – and in the tool set Number of parallel working threads = 1 and waiting interval less than 5 min – in that case you will have video watching from different IPs every 5 minutes

Best Regards, Yury