Bear Youtube Visitor

Bear Youtube Visitor


Bear YouTube Visitor tool allows you to generate your YouTube clip views. The tool provide full browser emulation support using embedded browser. Parallels watchers and proxies supported.

Main screen


Process execution

Real-time statistic in youtube


Where I can find help information?

You can find whole help information about some parameter by clicking on ”?” buttons that near of each UI element in the application

Why do I need proxies? Where I can find them?

The proxies are needed to make generated visits be unique by IP You need proxies or some mechanism of IP changing in your operation system. The proxies are not included in the application for some reasons (proxy providers resell policy, target location issues and other). The application uses HTTP/HTTPs proxies. You can buy proxies for example here

Will YouTube real-time analytic show visits?

Yes! And don’t listen to anyone saying no! YouTube real-time statistic updated every 10 seconds, after minute of application run you will see results. If you don’t see results the issues with proxies or network settings. I can show you additional prove via skype – yrevotyuk or team viewer conversation if needed

How many proxies I needed?

Short answer – as many as possible. Long answer: the number of proxies recommended to be equal or greater than number of views per day – to have in result visitors from unique IPs

Can I use free proxies?

Not recommended, because quality of free proxies is very poor in case of video watching, because many people use them and network capability usually low. But if you are planning to use them, I have already created application for finding and checking proxies here is it- Too Many Proxies, or you can use some other (even freeware) application

Found bug? Have idea or suggestion about what to add into application?

Please write some ticket with appropriate label in the project repository here and describe as many details as you can what you want to change\add or what issue you have concerning the application

Need support?

If you need support please contact me by sending message through the form in the right corner on page here or via email

Customisation and extension of applications

You can order application customisation from me. All the work is fulfilled through upwork (my upwork profile link here) or by direct conclusion of an agreement with me as individual entrepreneur. The price and time interval are going to be discussed individually according to my current hourly rate.

Change log

release v1.7 25.05.2016

Improved internal browser
Fixed "DOM is not ready" bug concerning incorrect browser work while number of scripts execution during short time

release v1.6 10.01.2016

Fixed bug: Incorrect using 'User-Agent' in external browser process
Improve browser process (screenshot population)

release v1.5 12.28.2015

Improved browser process
Added proxy timeout configuration

release v1.4 12.21.2015

Fix internal browser
Fast browser background mode
Processing tabs display last screenshots instead of whole browser control (in performance purposes)
Added minimizing in tray
Proxy usage statistic

release v1.3 12.07.2015

Extended statistic - added information about proxies
Main form UI changes
Socks proxy support
Bug fixed - saving\restoring settings
Improved internal browser performance 

release v1.2 5.15.2015

Improved internal browser performance when disposing view
Fixed bug - disposing already disposed view

release v1.1 5.5.2015

Improved internal browser performance
Added user agent setting support

release v1.0 4.27.2015


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