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2 pre-sales questions: 1// from where could I get list of proxi that will work fine with your script? 2// how could I set a google as: ? or it MUST set a primary like: only ?

another important question, what is user agent, and how could I get them?

User agent is header that each browser send through all request, it can be parsed by target site to detect bot or save some analytic. Here is the list of available user agents User agent list already set in the application.


New release – v2.5 in life!

Change log

release v2.5 12.23.2016
Added additional header setting
Added screen resolution settings
Added 'Start new process only when local IP changed' functionality
Improved embedded browser core
Minor UI changes


please i have one problem…

1. I have version 2.5 – Why is the image(site in parallel) frozen in an image is not clickable

2. Not restored, not load a new session, even though I have set 5 000 – 6000 visit per IP

3.Why does not like version 1.6? Could not you have somewhere to download? This version does not work …

4. I want to make active 20 parallel connections remained 10 minutes for GA. thereafter to resume work this way … version 1.6 -

please help

Thanks John

On your screens I see you setup Waiting intervals to range from 13 till 75 minutes (785 – 4867 seconds) and direct traffic (no google or bing usage). So process go to your site and wait between 13 and 75 minutes (random value) on last screen you see 0 visits and X completed steps – this is because threads still in wait – if you look trough the logs you will see “Waiting”... and some number 6 digits – that is waiting interval in miliseconds. So application works correctly.

Please explain me what would you like to have in result (here or via email) and than I can help you with setup.

Best Regards, Yury

The question still is counter counts right? I see completed visits: 129, but in my GA is 41 :(

I wrote to you on your e-mail

its this adsense safe? ty


i want to increase my traffic on my site..does this app provide real human traffic?


Generated traffic. The tool provides full browser emulation so all scripts (including analytics such as google analytics) will execute on pages. Resulting traffic will be generated based on settings that you provided and proxies that uou set.

Best Regards, Yury

PreSales. 1) Does it have a setting to prevent page bounces? 2) Will it work with downloaded VPN software like HideMyAss? Thank you.


1) – Yes, the app uses waiting on page to prevent bounces 2) – Yes, there is checkbox “start new visit only when IP changes”. With this setting the application detect public IP changes and then performs next visiting process. You need to set your VPN client to changes IP every x minutes (HideMyAss supports this)

Best Regards, Yury

Sorry, maybe my question is stupid. But google could not evaluate the proxy as a fake visit or give it no value. Or worse off the site? Do you have an html format if you buy it? So to use google translator as I do not master english?

A small beginner’s guide, at least the basic steps you can have? Then I wanted to know if Google could evaluate proxy visits negatively? Or is not it a problem?

you have url good proxies? for example

Hello! Please am interested in getting this software, but since I have no knowledge about this I need to ask some questions before purchase.

1. Do I need to purchase anything before I could use this software ? 2. Must I use proxies before it works for my website ? 3. After purchase do I get a manual on how to operate it ? 4. After purchase do I have a limited use or unlimited use of the software? 5. Are the traffic real and would the generate pageviews and Alexa ranking ? 6. Will it be safe for AdSense ?

Thanks as I await your feedback.


1. No, except proxies in case if you want to use paid proxies. You can use free that will be grabbed for some tool or manually. I’ve already have tool for collecting free proxies - but you also can find freeware 2. Yes in common cases. Or you can use VPN with IP changing

3. There is no manual but you can use hint buttons with help - each control (configuration parameter) on UI has help

4. Unlimited using 5. Dependence of proxies. Full browser emulation provided by tool. 6. Yes

Have a nice day, Yury

Thanks for your feedback

Hello, Further to our previous question. You have the setting ‘Start new process only when local IP changed’ setting. What will happen to the previous processes that are already running. Will they continue with the old ip or stop ? How does this work? Suppose the ip changes every 5 minutes. Thank you.

In case of this setting set one thread only should be used. After visiting thread will wait changing of IP before next iteration

“What will happen to the previous processes that are already running. Will they continue with the old ip or stop ?”

continue while scenatrio will be completed.

1. Is it safe from adsense and google ? 2. What about Page bounce ?


1. Yes 2. You can set parameter how many time be in page and clicking scenario

Have a nice day, Yury

Hi, how can it help my website? My rank on alexa can be increased for instance? Thanks!


The main idea use emulate user clicks on links to your site in search engine (google, bing) results for some requests. Search engine bots calculate clicking statistic and potentially will increase rate of your site.

See demo video and gifs

Best Regards, Yury

Quick query, Is it adsense and google search safe? as google change their policies and i heard that proxy visits on site will ban you website and if adsense is enabled it will ban that too?


The application ignore ads links, only common result links will be clicked

Best Regards, Yury

I do not want any click on internal pages, i just want this tool to visit different pages and stay there for few minutes just to increase some traffic on site and Alexa rank

Your case can be setup by the application

Hello, Great tool, just started using it today, after buying months ago. Getting stuck at “Waiting for IP Changes in the system”, after which it never moves on.


When this check selected the app performs visit and wait for IP changes in system. The process check external IP and will be stuck until external IP changed (by VPN client or user changes settings manually)

Best Regards, Yury