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very lucky buy this software at the first time launch especially the first price. :)

cool, hope you enjoyed:)

Is there any discount?

I can’t do this bacause i don’t sell app acrually – envato market sells it, ask support

Thanx, i belive its a good software i really want to buy it but on another hand I can buy BuzzBundle for this money. Maybe one day when they give some discount i will buy it 100%. Thanx m8 for your support!

I don’t know what is BuzzBundle. Ask for Envato about discout. I am just getting author fees from sales. Envato sales applications

Hello brother, how are you? Bro, i need to tell you what am i looking for and then you can say if any of your product can do what i need.

1. I need a software which can search for the keyword i fill in the software and it visits the link i add in the software. (I saw the video and i can see that this can be handled by your software)

2. The feature i am looking for is > Then it spend some time on the page and then click other link on the page and then the other link and then keep going till it click all important links on my site which i will be providing in the software. (I am not sure if your software can handle that or not.)

If your software can handle that then you can let me know and i will pay the full amount.

Please also inform me if that can help in my ranking. I need to do it for my clients. One of my client is ranking on 4th position, and i want to rank him on the first place. i am doing off page seo every week but the domain is only 3 months old. So, i am not building many links. I am good at SEO but i still need your advice that if your software can help my client rank higher or not?

By default clicking is random – you just provide interval of random clicking and deep level (“click from 0 till 10 links one by one” – for example)

Ok, but my question is still there, is it all automated or do i have to sit and click on the deep level links from 0 till 10? In other words, will it do it on autopilot or do i need someone to site on my computer and keep pressing the links manually?

It’s automatic. You define few parameters for clicking (or left default values) and press “Run”. The application performs clicking using provided settings


kuka1 Purchased

I can say only this, if author update how he say: Tor usage Auto crawl proxies from links Anti-captcha this will be 500$ worth tool. I claim this becose i try many softwares and this will be a king of the kings. Great software and i hope that update will be soon. Thanx for creat this masterpeace!

this is all in one tool ?


This app contains all my other similar app functionality + ranking booster mode (see description)

Best Regards, Yury

Hello May i add multiple urs and each url fit the keyword?


The application finds results based on including of provided URL. You can define part of URL (or main site URL) and application will find any URLs that contains URL that you provided.

Have a nice day, Yury

so is not google organic traficc is direct


I don’t understand last message. The application emulates human search in google and click on link to your site

Best Regards, Yury