Bear Business Email - finder, sender, tracking tool

Bear Business Email - finder, sender, tracking tool


Bear Business Email contains 3 tools in 1: email sender, email tracking tool and email finder. It is completed solution that provides you an ability of pure email sending with minimum risk of being blocked by mail servers and detecting mails as spam. Includes tracking process which is easy to setup, that gives you statistic of your sends that you can use to analyse your mailing to make it more effective for your business. The tool provides extended configuration; multiple mail server support; setup sending control (sending emails to yourself address periodically to make sure that you have no mail server congestion); message randomization mechanism; extracting new emails from input urls; see statistic, changing\adding emails in real-time.

Found bug? Have idea or suggestion about what to add into application?

Please write some ticket with appropriate label in the project repository here and describe as many details as you can what you want to change\add or what issue you have concerning the application

Need support?

If you need support please contact me by sending message through the form in the right corner on page here or via email

Customisation and extension of applications

You can order application customisation from me. All the work is fulfilled through upwork (my upwork profile link here) or by direct conclusion of an agreement with me as individual entrepreneur. The price and time interval are going to be discussed individually according to my current hourly rate.

Change log

release v1.1 30.05.2016

Fixed bug related to mail settings
Added clearing of tracker statistic
Added saving email send statistic list and viewing through UI
Added excluded already sent email parameter
Added excluded email list parameter
Minor UI changes and layout fixies

release v1.0.1 23.05.2016

Some reviews