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Hi! I’m very interested in all your amazing products but is the first time that I use this kind of software, I have understood that for better and faster results I need to BUY proxies list. So I have made some searches on Google to find something. Is good a service like this? Seems that for only 9$/month they give to me more that 700.000 proxies. Is this a good service to use with your software? Thanks a lot!

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Can it click google ads on the site?


I recorded demo video.


1) Visit site 2) Click on ad that contains “adsnx” is primary domain for one of the ad hoster that you use.

Note: ad changed randomly as I see. If the ad invokes from other host (not from then nothing will be clicked – you need to define “anchor” of element which will be clicked.

Here is video:

Have a nice day,

Roar Bear

Thanks, is that possible embed the code in membership wp website for members to use online?

no, desktop app only

Hello I bought your bear clicker. I have the following question.

1. what does ‘parallel clickers count’ mean?

2. Clicks per IP. Does this mean each IP will go through the process all over again until the number is achieved?

3. How do I add mobile devices like android and windows phone to the Useragents.txt


1. Number of parallel processes (that executed paralely) that performs clicking same time 2. Yes, the parameter mean how many completed clicks performs per current proxy IP 3. Just add strings that you like in the file that contains user agent (you can use site like this

Best Regards, Roar Bear

hi not support popup page?

me need this : click in page open popup page wait time closed


Sorry, popup is not supported BUT if you have some link and on it click popup showed by using “target” html attribute, the tool should processes it correctly and you will see opened window html – the tool replaces target=”window” and open popup in same window

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I sent you an email.

You need proxies, by using proxies, user agent list and other parameters you will get unique clicks\visits

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Roar Bear

from where could I find out these proxies ?


You can buy proxy list from some proxy provider (like or collecting them by some util. I have already created tool for collecting proxies –

Have a nice day, Roar Bear

hello sir 1- how can i have list of Proxy ?

2- if i search in google : ( buy ) example : , can i chose what web site click ?


This is just log – in the browser you also see arabic when type something in address box. Check proxies – process should works. If no – i will fix.

Let me know if you still have issues

Best Regards, Roar Bear

yes sir, when i use without proxies its working on my IP, but doesn’t work with proxies ,however the proxies working in the Bear Site Visitor .

Please contact me via mail – if proxies work in one tool but don’t in another perhaps bug in the tool. Please send me few proxies to check – my email roarbear{a}


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Hi sir, You have Bear Auto Clicker web script. I wants to set Bear Auto Clicker on my web server.


masud22 Purchased

I already buy your Bear Auto Clicker software. now my question is, can you give me Bear Auto Clicker web javascript/php script ?


No. It is windows desktop application that wrote in C# (.Net). It uses server side component of browser emulation on windows.

Have a nice day, Roar Bear

Using good proxies, i can config it to auto click in my banners of my website, with total anonimate? Without problems with my monetization?


Send me URL (and parameters that you would like to use) I can make demo video for you to show how tool works with your site.

“Without problems with my monetization?”

Short ansvew – yes, but this independence of settings and proxies that you will use. The tool provide full browser emulation, If you set proxy in your browser, go to your site and click on banner and after that will have some monetization -> the answer on your question:”yes”, but ad providers can performs some checks from them site and can reject your proxies

Have a nice day, Roar Bear

Have a way to test the program, a trial period of 10 ou 15 days to see in action, the price is good, but likely to see this in action. I have 1 magazine style site and 1 blog. And tried to use other programs but, not have sucess…. :-(

Hi i likely to know if this software have a trial version to test this. Thanks!

Likely in this site: to click in the top banner or the first sidebar banner :/ Thx if you could help me how to use this app.


You need to define “anchor” of what tool will be click like

“Click link that contains href value ‘ad’”

I tried to make condition for you site to click top level ad but don’t know how to do this when ad changed dynamically (source and ad provider link)

Try something “element” “href” “contains” “ad” – you will have number of misses (some not adv links contains “ad” in href value) but sometimes you will have clicks.

Have a nice day, Roar Bear

I am going to create aditional feauture to inject mouse down but it will be a little bit later

Hi i try to use it in the adsense banner but not have sucess. it´s more easy if i config it to click in the ads of my youtube videos?

Hello, will not work because of dynamic content showing

Hello, how are you? I wonder if clicks are with different IPs. Well I want to google adsense. It’s possible? Can I set a time? Can you help me with this?

Is it possible to make money from the same using adsense?

Hello, cross domain iframe issue can be, will not work in common case.

Hi, how are you? I said I would buy the program and here I am :-) Could it help me to try and fix a way to system click adsense links? Anyway, if you can help me, thank you very much.


Please email me site that you want to use. And what should be clicked I will look from my side –

Best Regards, Yury

what about bounce rate ? & what vpn you strongly sagest for who you this tools.

Thanks,also can i set multi website in one time for click.i have seen 2 same type of product of for clicking,i only want to down my rank in alexa what is you suggestion for me ?


“can i set multi website in one time for click”

You can do this by setting up 2 applications on different folders.

”,i only want to down my rank in alexa what is you suggestion for me ?”

The software works as is – it peforms clicks based on your scenario.

I have another tool – Bear Site Ranking Booster that performs clicks through search engines based on provided settings. The main feauture of the application is that it provides distribution calculation of effective settings – in the result you will have well mixed generated traffic with real that will come from search engine

Best Regards, Yury

Hi you can help me to configure a single activity with this software. I tried to config it to click in one post in my home page This link: This link is disponible in the home page of the website, i tried mutch ways to click but not work. The website not contabilize the clicks of various ips. No one click has send. If you can explain to me, how to configure it to make the clicks i m very thankfull.

Hi, Ralph,

Worked from my side:

Scenario condition: click “element” “href” “contains” “nintendo-8-bits-chega-ao-kickstarter”

Here is screenshot of settings:

and demo video:

If you setuped the same settings perphabs issue in proxies.

If you still have issues please contact me via email to pevent overloads in comments:

Have a nice day, Yury

In my computer the program not shows the website. Only a white screen in the processing page its normal? Or it´s necessary to show the website in the processing page to work?


Process updates screenshots every 5 second. You can run test to see what happens without interruption by hit “Test Run”. Check the log if there are any issues. Perhaps issue with proxies or proxies return empty content or authentication required or proxies have some IP restriction. You can run some proxy test by clicking on “Fast Test”

Best Regards, Yury

Its not working for my sites :(


Don’t worry, sent me site URL, what do you like to click\or how you would like to use the software and other parameters that you would like to use. Currently I am on vac but can but i will analyse issue from my side side and answer you asap.

Best Regards, Yury

He works with

Or will the system be identified by the site as an autoclick? Have you tested with similar sites?

It’s independence of proxies and parameters that you use. I can said exactly if adfly can detect bots or no. I can give you trial version for 3 days – you can test by yourself. In that case send me request to email:

Bought to do the test, is there no work working together to make run on this kind of site?

Sorry, don’t understand – do you have troubles with setup/config?

If yes, send me parameters and I will check from my side –

I am not impressed with this program. It does not seem to have a way to clear the result page and it has a mind of it’s own. Clicks are random and not what was programmed on the result page. I think I’m done wasting my time.


Don’t worry. Contact me via email and send url and another settings what you would like to use (what should be clicked) then I will create scenario and test from my side. Everything should works.


Best Regards, Yury