Beacon Based Digital Food Ordering System - Quick Food

Beacon Based Digital Food Ordering System - Quick Food

With the rise in the adoption of mobile devices, there has been a shift in the way customers want to connect and interact with their favourite restaurants, by using a new technology Beacons. Beacons are a small and inexpensive piece of hardware that transmits a message directly to a smartphone or tablet using a low-energy Bluetooth connection. The message automatically transmits when customers and their phones come within a pre-defined range.

QuickFood App is the best solution for digital food ordering system in the restaurant. Using Quick Food App user can easily book their orders without wasting time. The major highlight of this app is that the order management is done via Estimote beacons. Each beacon has a unique id and each of them is attached to different tables so that the restaurant can easily track the orders.

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Estimote Proximity Beacons are the one we used for this item:

If you are building simple proximity applications start with Proximity Beacons – the most popular beacons on the market. They support both iBeacon™ and Eddystone™. For touch experiences, they also have NFC built in.




  • User-friendly application
  • Login as guest and user
  • Digital food ordering
  • User can easily place the order
  • Order management via beacon
  • Auto Update of Orders
  • Easy Access to sales report via filter


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Admin Panel

Username: admin
Password: admin


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