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Very good work!

hi is it possible to make the name in the table connect to outside link links like face book thanks

Than-you very much i got it, looking forward to buy more codes.ones again thank-you , you been great help

Do you have checked the updated plugin? Is all correct ?

Yes all is correct looking forward to get more product that i need thank-you


I wanted to add 2 more number columns, but the data in the last column aren’t displayed (only the

column title).

It seems there’s an issue with multiple “number” columns side-by-side ?

Could you please have a look on this ?

Thank you. Regards

var header = [“First-Name”, “Last-Name”, “Company-Name”, “City”, “Date”, “Date-Range”, “Number ”, “Num-Range”, “Number 2”]; var input_types = [“image”, “search”, “datalist”, “datalist”, “date”, “date-range”, “number”, “range”, “number”]; var data = [

No. Would you please resend it?

I sent it twice at, a 3rd time just now ; please check your emails. Regards

We have reviewed your project and made some changes. I wrote you a detailed letter.

great work! can any of the rows be editable?

Unfortunately not in current version.

Sorry if this is a stupid questions, but are you limited to the first name / last name fields etc? Or can you use whatever fields you like?

Is this responsive? it appears it is not

Unfortunately it is not

What about if it’s put inside a does that make it responsive?


I have bought and am using the Grid Pro – Table View/ Data Grid with Sort, Search and Filter. I noticed that when I use the input value “datalist” for multiple columns and I have the same value in more than one column then the dropdown filter breaks. For example, if I have the value “Stage 1” in both column 2 and column 3, the value only appears in the dropdown filter in the first column it does not appear in the second column. The search still works but the dropdown filter does not. Below is example code of what is not working. How do I fix this issue so that the filter works correctly?

$(document).ready(function () { var header = [“Company”, “Product”, “Status A”, “Status B”]; var input_types = [“datalist”, “datalist”, “datalist”, “datalist”]; var data = [


var tbl_id = 11;
    var num_per_page = '0';
    var param = {
        'header': header,
        'data': data,
        "input_types": input_types,

sorry the “var data” section didn’t post “Company A”, “Product 1”, “Stage 1”, “Stage 2” “Company A”, “Product 2”, “Stage 2”, “Stage 3” “Company B”, “Product 1”, “Stage 2”, “Stage 1” “Company B”, “Product 2”, “Stage 1”, “Stage 4” “Company B”, “Product 3”, “Stage 3”, “Stage 3” “Company C”, “Product 1”, “Stage 3”, “Stage 4” “Company C”, “Product 2”, “Stage 2”, “Stage 2” “Company D”, “Product 1”, “Stage 1”, “Stage 1” “Company D”, “Product 2”, “Stage 2”, “Stage 1”

Hello, Do you have an example of the html table version (not using arrays) someplace. I didn’t see an example in the downloads. Thanks

Please send me your email address (or send me the email to

Hello, there are several bugs and differences between your documentation and the downloaded file for Pro Grid: 1- “number range” input type in documentation does not exist in downloaded file; 2- the number range filter in live demo disappeared from downloaded file; 3- “number range”, “number-range” and “range” input types make the table bug. 4- variable “tbl_id” is in the file but I cannot figure out its purpose. I am trying to display several filters using “number range” but nothing seems to work… Can you help? Otherwise, very good table and very clean code, thank you!

As I understand the problem is configuration of “number range” of plugin. I can offer two ways: 1. Export the mentioned table and send it to me. I’ll try to fix it and send it back. 2. Provide me with with access to your site (FTP & MySQL) and I’ll fix it there.

You can send this info direct (to not publish access) to my email:

is it possible to add a dropdown category? who search in the mysql data store?

1. If you need drop down you should set column type “select” 2. DB search part implemented in our plugin

When trying to use it with html table instead of arrays it’s returning an error about id not found can you please provide a working example with html tables

please send me your email address and I’ll send you the working example

Hi, is there a way to hide the data before you type anything ? Only show the form “type here” without the list ? Thank you :)

And how to display text “nothing matched your search !” ?

Please, give an example with a database

Please, give an example with a database

Hi. Nice work guys. I was wondering how to add an external link to a column. I’m using the plugin on this site:

And in the last column i tried to add an url with html. It only links internal. How do i fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry for late answer. Would you please provide us with temporary access to the site?

Ofcourse. which mailadress?

Please send me an email at I’ll invite you to the WP. Thanks!

Is there any way of changing the format of the dates from “Y-mm-dd” to “dd-mm-Y”. Is there any way of changing the width of the columns?

Thank you

Sorry for late answer. Would you please provide us with temporary access to the site? You can send it directly to my email ( for security reason

how do I enable the range slider for numbers? The current “range” input type is not working.

date range is not working. please advise how to fix this.

Sorry for late answer. Would you please provide us with temporary access to the site? You can send it directly to my email ( for security reason.

Hello, Do you have an example of the html table version. I cannot get it to work, even with a simple table. Thank You


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