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Hi, a presales qn, when a visitor successfully submits user data, I want a download button to appear for them to d/l a file. In addition, I need to be able to receive some form of a success code via php so that i can do other stuff via php. Is this feature supported/easily implementable?


B-check forms has only server side validation (on your server). If all data pass validation successfuly – next part of php code appears: $success_message = json_encode(array("successMessage" => $success_text)); echo $success_message;

If this php code appears, js code shows success message for user and clear the form. You can add any behavior instead/in addition to the default code in the main php file or in the main js file.

Regards, Alex

thanks for the explanatories. Just 1 more qn, what’s the main diff between B-Check and Just Forms(full)?

Just Forms full has client side and server side validation for data, a lot of features (multistep forms, js additions and extensions, jQuery plugins, etc), design.

B-check forms has only server side validation, a lot of default validation rules, minimal design.

An error occured: 500 – Internal Server Error


thanks for the purchase. You have an error in the “action.php”. it maybe any error: typo, parse error, etc. Most probably you have made a typo when add your email, subject. Please check this file.

For further questions please send me an email here

Regards, Alex

I need a feedback form where my user can answer some questions, like if he like my restaurant, my user can rate on some questions too. And i need also to use a backend board where my client can see the answers. Can i use bcheck-forms to make this?

Thanks for the fast reply. I need a backend board for my client. If you can make a customization we can talk about.

Unfortunately, I am not available for customization for now.
Thanks for proposal

Do form submissions get saved to database? Is there an admin panel to view form submissions saved to database? What is the difference between this and Just Forms?


1) yes, you may save form data to database
2) no admin panel
3) design, available features and extensions, B-check has server side validation only

Best Regards, Alex

Hi, I have a hard time to get the form write datas into database! I dumped the sql in database … Login datas are in action.php … All looks good to me. Sending emails – no error message, BUT In the email head section I read:


Row ID in a database: Error connecting to database (2002) php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No address associated with hostname ...........................................................

What does that mean?

No Adress associated with hostname? – strange. the host is localhost.

Formprozessing is on the same server as database.. so???? Any idea for that error?


Hi Martin,

thanks for the purchase

Error description contains the answer – you set wrong address for hostname. do you use “localhost” on real server?

Please note that I do not provide support for this product

Best Regards, Alex

Oh Boy, Sorry, what a stupid mistake! I saw: define(“BOOK_SERVER”, “host”); BUT In my head I read “localhost” there .... AND that would be correct, of course…

So I was wondering, what should be there if not localhost???

There are times.. when there is a wood at view, but a single tree is hard to spot ;-)

Everything is perfect now Thank you!

Hi, I have a hard time to show 2 month – horizontaly!

I used:

$(function() { $( ”#popup-from” ).datepicker({ ... And I wrote that into css file:

minDate: 0,    

.ui-datepicker-multi-2 .ui-datepicker-group { width: 50%; }

.ui-datepicker-multi .ui-datepicker-group { float: left; } ... BUT with no effekt… still 2 month vertical… Why – any solution?

Best regards from Austria Martin

Hi, I would like to have the book formular no telephone number specification in the form, what do I have to change the script?

Greeting maik


thanks for the purchase

Please note that I do not provide support for this product

1) open “b-check-/type/.js” file and comment next line: // $("#phone").mask('(999)-999-999999', {placeholder:'x'}); 2) open “validation.php” file and change next function: /* Phone */ function validatePhone($phone) { $error_text = "Enter your phone<br />"; $len = mb_strlen($phone, 'UTF-8'); return ($len < 1) ? $error_text : "valid"; }

Best Regards, Alex

Thank you for the fast answer