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demo shows Forbidden

Hi! sorry for that. I will fix that in 1 hour

It’s ready… you can see it… sorry for that

I have point before purchasing, if I buy ur item and create a new form, could the item able to generate an embedded code html, in order to insert it into my project ? or what should I do after generating a new form ?

After you create the form, you have to write a code in your preferred language (PHP, JAVA, etc) to GET/POST the values and store them in a database. This app will help you with the front end.

but I’m a completely newbie with DB, so could u able to create it with extra cost ? I mean DB for the forms which allow me to manage the users easily ?

I can do that as freelance work

Hi, i use this tool to create a multiple forms and store the generated html in database. Now i want edit the form i created with this same tool can you explain how to do? Thanks

Were you able to find the cause of the problem?


I could solve my problem, at first i didn’t understand how it worked this new feature. Thank you for your availability.

No problem! have a nice day


I’m building a landing page tool where users can create landing pages like Unbounce, Leadpages etc.

I also want to add a simple form builder as a feature. Instead of writing our own, it may save some time to use a modified version of yours.

What license would I need for this, extented?

Thanks a lot

Hello, Yes you should use the extended license to create your own product. Nevertheless I recommend you read the license terms so you can understand them perfectly.

Here are the links:

this giving error to see, just missing I see working to buy

OK just a surgestao or idea for you apliar in new versions, you could make a place to enter functions to submit, as you deiou a specific place to javascritp and css, could make a place to insert this direct result.js file the application

OK. I will add this feature in the next release. Feel free to contact me if you have any other question

OK. I will add this feature in the next release. Feel free to contact me if you have any other question

Fantastic job

Thanks for your comment