BC JS Web Form Creator

BC JS Web Form Creator

Using BC JS Web Form Creator, you will save time writing HTML code to create forms. It is just necessary that you add elements to a main container, change their properties, preview and export these forms.

It was built using bootstrap framework version 3.0, making all your new forms responsive and compatible with almost all smart devices.


  1. Select multiple objects to modify their attributes or remove them.
  2. Drag and Drop objects between columns.
  3. Change field’s states and attributes with logical conditions.
  4. Add custom CSS and Javascript text to the form.
  5. Change labels and titles inline.
  6. Set the data type to text boxes (integer and decimals numbers, masked text, date, time or both, password, email, url).
  7. Preview your forms before copying the HTML, JS and CSS code to your projects.
  8. Very easy tu use and integrate with your own bootstrap theme.
  9. Full Support.
  10. Full Documentation.

Change log:

  1. v1.0
    • Replaced: visibility conditions. Added: Conditional changes
    • Added: edit area to add Style text
    • Added: edit area to add Javascript text
    • Added: option to change bootstrap style class for panel, labels and buttons (default, primary, success, info, warning, danger)
    • Added: option to change form group size (default, small, large)
    • Added: option to create addons with fields
    • Added: option to convert column to table
    • Added: option to mark as disabled the field
    • Added: option to mark as read only the field
    • Minor bugs corrected
  2. v0.8
    • Added: Assign automatically name and id to fields
  3. v0.7
    • Added: import previous HTML
  4. v0.6
    • Added: touch compatibility
    • Added: visibility conditions
    • Added: option to preview form in new page
  5. v0.5 – First release

If you need support, send me your question through the support form of


  1. Creating a simple login screen
  2. Creating a simple survey with conditional changes

Screen shoots

  1. Drag and Drop elements to the main container
  2. Select multiple objects and change their properties
  3. Change form appearance to horizontal or inline
  4. Change labels inline or in the properties box
  5. Make elements required and customize the error message
  6. Reorder any element using drag and drop