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About this plugin

bbPress Ultimate extends your bbPress forums with more functionality and user information, allowing you to embed info to forum topics and replies below author replies, to bbPress profile and to BuddyPress profile if BuddyPress is there.

Throughout admin settings interface, admin can easily customize the output and make some basic translations and edits.


Online status

As of version 2.0, you no longer need BuddyPress user activity, online status is out of the box! Each time user is logged in and active, their statuses get updated and you can tell whether they’re online or whether not.

Topic count

A customizable link pointing to user’s bbPress topics archive, showing how many topics a user has.

Reply count

A customizable link pointing to user’s bbPress replies archive, showing how many replies a user has.

User country

Users can update their country from the drop down select menu which could be found in the users bbPress profile page. Displays a flag of the selected user’s country with a tooltip of the name of this country.


15+ Social profiles

Users can access and update their profiles anytime through their profile edit pages on bbPress profile. Social profiles currently include a website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Reddit, Myspace, Github, WordPress, Instagram, Email and Flickr. And of course, admin can allow or disallow certain networks through settings page, and customize the style of these social profiles.


Displays a link allowing current user to access the page where they can send messages to selected user. Well, only if BuddyPress was there and private messaging component is active.

Xprofile fields

With BuddyPress, you can easily embed custom user information, if you have Xprofile fields there you can easily embed them by going to plugin settings page, Xprofile fields section, and type the names of the fields you want to show. Remember to separate the fields with commas.


Registration date

Shows some cool stuff as “Joined 1 year ago” which of course you can always customize.

Edit profile

A customizable link pointing to current user’s edit profile page, in case the user wants to update some basic information such as bio, user country or social profiles.

Admin features

I was inspired by the customers contacting me through comments section and through email, to add more cool features as they suggested.

As admin, you can choose which elements to show in the forums, and bbPress and BuddyPress user profiles. You can also customize the output of some elements and this way you can make necessary translations..

Also, embedding user Xprofile fields is easy, just get the name of the fields, and separate them by commas in their section.

Other settings include styling the social icons, how they’re outputted, and exclude some of them if you want.

Updating URLs is necessary in case your forums have custom base URLs other than the default.

In Translations section, you can translate some basic information to your own language other than English.


My bbPress links(edit profile, topics, replies) point to a 404 not found page, what do I do?

You’ll need to go to the plugin’s settings page URLS section, and insert the correct bases for the bbPress profile pages (edit, topics archive, replies archive).
The issue of having /forums/users/ change to /forums/user/(404) is fixed as of version 0.4.
Please note that you might be having a different base, so keep updating the URLs section with the settings you set in the forums settings.

Further customization

Add more social profiles

You can use bbPress Ultimate » Social Profiles Generator tool for this, which requires at least v. 0.4.1 of this plugin. Fill out all the fields, and hit the generate button. Add the code you get to the bottom of your child theme’s functions file, and there you go, check your bbPress edit profile page as the new fields should appear.

(V. 0.4.1 is still in development mode and not released yet, contact us for further information and requests)

Add green and red icons for online and offline statuses:

online offline icons

  1. Go to plugin settings section.
  2. Insert this custom CSS in “Custom CSS” area (in the bottom of the page)

Dark themes: social profiles and country tooltips:

— Example 1:
dark theme 1
Add this minified CSS to your custom CSS section of the plugin settings:

.bbp-u-social a:after,.bbp-u-flag i:after{background:#666;color:#fff}.bbp-u-social a:before,.bbp-u-flag i:before{border-bottom-color:#666}

— Example 2:
dark theme 2
Add this minified CSS to your custom CSS section of the plugin settings:

.bbp-u-social a:after,.bbp-u-flag i:after{background:#f1f1f1;color:#555}.bbp-u-social a:before,.bbp-u-flag i:before{border-bottom-color:#f1f1f1}

Anytime, if you feel like you needed other customization, just let me know

Add/Save/Show more fields

will be updated soon..

Hooks and filters

will be updated soon..

Customers reviews


We are very happy to please our customers! Actually, our customers inspire us to improve this plugin and include much more useful feature!



* Remove unnecessary SQL queries for fetching xprofile fields, and fetch only once and when needed using BuddyPress API.
* Bug fixes and minor improvements.. — November 7th, 2017


* Bug fix: Fixed a bug causing 404 not found related to bbPress.
* Improvement: Added a flexible way to add/edit/remove Xprofile fields with JavaScript
* New feature: Added ability to show information either below author details in the forums or below reply content.
* New feature: Ability to set social icon sizes (large, small, etc)
* Improvement: Ability to delete plugin settings without affecting user meta (filled social profiles, countries, online status) or delete everything at once.
* New feature: Added few action hooks and filters to let you register, save and show additional custom fields (social, links, text, image, etc) and ability to insert content before and/or after one or more Xprofile fields.
* Improvement: improved everything, clean code and responsive design.

— December 27

0.3.1 – Added a missing word in translation, fixed a bug related to BuddyPress integration. — November 23

0.3 – Fixed styling-related bug, added ability to translate some info, update URLs, and style social icons or exclude some of them.. — November 21

0.2 – plugin improved, added more features, add bp Xprofile fields, show info in bbPress and BuddyPress profiles, online status out of the box.. — November 2nd

0.1 – initial release — June 29th

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