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hi, it’s similiar with userultra plugin or more better? thanks

Hello, your plugin is very interesting. Are you planning a layout for the latest WP and bbpress?


I am sorry for the delay here.

I will rewrite and re-design the plugin once I am done with a plugin that kept me busy for more than a month, so as to fit the latest layouts you mentioned.

Thank you. Samuel

hi, is there a shortcode for linking directly to chat with the user? and NOT to his profile? thank you :)

hi there :) i’m using Toolset Plugins in my website. it allows me to use shortcodes and implement dynamic content in my websites. one of the pages in my website is an ads board, in which you can publish an ad and people can contact you. i want to add a shortcode for “send a massage to the author” and use your plugin. is this possible to have a shortcode in which i can: 1. link directly to chat with the other user 2. have a part in the shortcode where i can put the user id 3. have a part in the shortcode where i can write the text that will appear on the link 4. another option is that the shortcode output would be a raw link, so i could put it inside

thank you :) shirly”>

Hello shirly,

First off I am really sorry about the delay here. I was gone offline due to some workloads..

Is this related to bbPress Ultimate plugin or bbPress Messages or WpChats? I am not able to tell the difference. Normally yes everything is possible, I am always around to help you out with customizing it so it does that.

Please clarify and thank you so much!!

I will update this plugin right after I am done with some workloads in few weeks.



Hi There,

Pre buying question, when wil you update the plugin please?

Best regards,


Hello V,

Thank you. Actually last few days I have worked on an update, but it is not quite ready yet, so very shortly an update will be there, featuring even more features like drag-and-drop to format and design the output, user attachements and inline photos, profile and topic views and much more..

Thanks again, Samuel


Question? Is your plugin complete?

In the plugin forums of bbPress Ultimate, have you integrated private replies and private messages. The more the function in the post of the messages: resolute, not resolved, etc …. Example before posting a message in the forum we offer you two options “function”, Message Visibility: Public and Private

Thank you

Dear sir,

Looks like these are all custom features you’re looking for. I can make you a plugin in 1-2 days featuring what you listed above, in a freelance deal.

Otherwise, I am not sure if there are any plugins for such features.

A question you have to create a plugin to add options in Status: Unresolved, Status: Resolved, Status: In Progress

I think there’s already bbPress Thread Prefixes for this but I am not sure if it will fit your needs.



Hi, I agree 1-2 days Thanks,


Please send me more details here about this task.

Thank you.

pre-sale question: Hi there, is this plugin compatible with Ultimate member and can I show the user profile information on ultimate member user profile cards? thanks

How can I add Age & Gender in profile in BBpress ??

Is this item still supported?

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