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1st sale ;) I will play with it and keep you in touch. Thank you Samiel!

Hi jf!

Always good to have the first sale! glad.

Actually this plugin was a custom suggestion from a cool person who contacted us, so we got it done with pleasure and with their permission we got it posted here.

Thanks for your purchase. looking forward keeping up with the updates and more features.

Nice avatar btw, it needs a dark background in order to appear properly.. but I was able to see it :D

Thank you jf!



I am your first buyer ;)

I have installed your plugin and I only see 4 forums in the settings -> bbPress Thread Prefixes » Forums

While I have more than 25. Please let me know how to see them all so I can activate them.

Thank you :)

Hi jf,

Hope you are great.

Sorry about that, it is a small little something I forgot to update..

You can either wait up for an update and it can take some time to be approved by CodeCanyon, or proceed:

- Go this URL:

- Scroll down or CTRL+F to find:

$args = array( 'post_type' => 'forum', 'post_status' => 'publish' );

Update that code to:

$args = array( 'post_type' => 'forum', 'post_status' => 'publish', 'numberposts' => -1 );

We will be updating very soon and we will add more features.

Works like a charm – Thank you <3

Awesome jf, I am glad it did!!

Thank you too and have a wonderful week :)


Hey, second purchase for you here.

I was wondering if it would be possible to add the following: I want new topics in a certain forum to be assigned a topic prefix automatically, for example the tag ‘new’. Admins will then be able to change it when they start working on it.

The fix you posted above for the forum list works great, thanks for that!

I’m still having an issue where the prefix shows multiple times in the breadcrumb of the forums:


Sorry for the late reply.

That appears to be a little custom feature we can customize a snippet of code for you to get it done, but please post in our support forums so we can work on it from there.

Thank you for sharing the screenshot, it appears our little trick of adding the prefix in the breadcrumb has committed a little bug (in your case you have forums title similar to the topic’s title..) anyways, launching up update would probably take 20 hours to be approved so I suggest you do it manually:

- Go to

- Update the entire full with the code in this paste

I am updating very soon. I just have other plugins getting me delayed.

Let me know if it worked, and have a great day!!


Thanks for the update, works great now!

You are very welcome!

Enjoy ~

Just bought the plugin. Would it be possible to assign multiple prefix sets to the forums? So I can have a set like “General” and another specific one for the forums.

Sorry for the delay, here:

add_action("wp_footer", function() { 
        var alphabeticallyOrderedDivs = $('select[name="thread_prefix"] option').sort(function (a, b) {
            return $(a).text().toLowerCase() > $(b).text().toLowerCase();
        // place back the placeholder option to top, comment this to prevent when not using a placeholder option
        // or when it is not placed to the bottom
        $('select[name="thread_prefix"] option').last().insertBefore( $('select[name="thread_prefix"] option').first() )

Add that to your child theme’s functions file. hope it helps.


Which delay? ;) Thank you, will Test ist!

haha. I hope that ist helpful.

Thank you too.

In line 628 in your plugin’s functions.php. .’/’ is missing between archives_pages and &prefix->slug

Pre Purchase question: Can we add one prefix to every topic in one form automatically ? Because I am generating BBtopics automatically and want to add prefix of “Need Help” automatically in every topic.. and after help change it to “Complete” from front end not from dashboard.

End of Life? Your Live page certificate is not valid, Kaspersky warning…. Besides I have seen some other interesting plugins of yours, but no activity for a year or longer, so nah I will skip your plugins. Too big risk there will be no updates nor continues development as with other good plugins at Envato …