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Hi Samuel!

Nice plugin, very useful… just give it time to be popular!

May I suggest some new features!?

- Develop a Help Documentation. - An option to let administrator send messages for all users (or per roles). - Add a Google captcha to send messages (or captcha depends of user roles). - An option to limit messages per day for each user role (or 0 for unlimited, as example). - A shortcode or widget to show only: “Message (0)”. - A form to translate the words.

Thanks for you work!

I sent you an email through author page! Regards Javier

Hello Javier,

I apologize for the delay here.

I forgot to fix the 404 issues now I have submitted an update and it must fix them already.

Thank you for your suggestions. Almost all of them can be achieved with custom code as the plugin is simple to extend..

I am going to write few tutorials on how to achieve the captcha, messages limitation, and users roles early tomorrow when I wake up.

I am going to check your email and leave you a reply.

Thank you very much!!

Hello, I am using the lite version and considering the paid one but having an issue. When I click on trying to send a message I get a not found error. Any ideas?

Hello rnmartinez,

Thank you. Are you using the latest version 0.2.2 ? if so can you tell me the URL structure? I mean the page URL where you 404 after submitting the form.. You can cross your domain name for privacy.




I’m integrating bbpress and WooCommerce plugin. Project is about selling Services.

Project Requirement is :
  1. Users select the services and place the order. (WooCommerce)
  2. After placing order, thanks page will re-direct to bbpress forum. Which is created by bbpress API. I’ve already done that.
  3. But, created forums are public mode. :(

I just want : Forum created user and our WordPress admin users will see and access the forum. All other public users and other logged users will not see this forum.

I’m using bbpress like messaging system between me and my customers.

Please let me know, is possible with your plugin and how?

Thanks! :)

Hello and sorry about the delay,

I did not get your question very well. This plugin will allow private messages between members of your site. Please try the lite version https://wordpress.org/plugins/bbp-messages/ to make sure.



Hello I purchased your plugin and it could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ __/html/wp-content/plugins/assets/includes/core/loader.php on line 733


I am sorry about this. Can you please edit that file and replace its content with this code http://pastebin.com/zgcgsPZ2

You can edit that file from ftp or WP admin: wp-admin/plugin-editor.php?file=bbpress-messages/includes/core/loader.php

If you are encountering any issues please contact me from the support website support.samelh.com or open a thread from there.

Thank you!


Hi there, I have a presale question. Your demo is off and the free version of the plugin gave me this error in php7 Warning : rand() expects parameter 2 to be integer, string given in C:\xampp7\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\bbp-messages\includes\core\message.php on line 154

is all ok with the plugin?


Thank you for the heads up. I have restarted some service so the demo can work, please try again.

To over this issue, please use the plugin editor to edit `bbpress-messages/includes/core/message.php` ( or `bbp-messages/includes/core/message.php` for lite) file and replace `rand(“1000000000”,”9999999999”)` with `rand( 1000000000, 2147483647 )`, that should add support to seven as well.

I will update as soon as possible.



Cool! Good luck with sales!!!

email notifications available for this?


Yes, email notifications are supported.



We’d like to use this for a network of online schools, potentially 15-20 licenses. Our requirements are (1) that admins can review messages if necessary, (2) that we can place direct message buttons on teacher profiles, and (3) that students are limited to messaging users of certain WordPress role types i.e., teachers and admins. Are there hooks and settings that would enable us to do that with our in-hour developer without completely redesigning the plugin?

Hello Frenkile,

I am almost done with a major update to this plugin and I can assure you it can cover these features you listed besides I’d be happy to help you with extra code to extend the plugin for those features.

It’ll be released in 2 days now in case you’re still interested.

P.S sorry about the delay, I’ve been off past couple weeks.



Very cool! Good luck!

Hi, Is there a way to make that it doesn’t reload the page and just loads the comment with ajax?


This is quite possible but requires extra code and tweaks. I’d suggest you wait until I get the latest update done and then I’ll help you with this.



Very good work!

Great plugin! I use it for my project, and I fill the content with another resource (to read more, go to the blog). For me, this option is more preferable and convenient. And I have a question: can I use this plugin in another place?