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Is it possible to make the views you’re using for the different categories of forum post be ‘hot linkable’? I find the work you’ve done very useful and the Dashboard widget incredibly nice, but I keep wanting to click those ‘Requires Attention’ and ‘Needs Response’ and they don’t link to views that show those items.

I created the plugin to use it in my forum because I always like to keep my forum users happy and make sure they get some response within a day. And thought it would be helpful for others with busy forum.

At first I was planning to make it a complete bbPress reporting package with all the cool reports and stuffs. But it seems like even if bbPress has million users not so many are interested in this kind of reporting service so I am just updating it whenever I get some free time. However I will update the plugin with different views as soon as possible.

We totally feel the same way; keeping forum users happy by responding to their stuff more quickly (and being able to find those items needing response quickly) is what drove me to your plugin.

It doesn’t seem like the email portion is working properly, however (the daily digest). I keep getting an empty report, though it is pulling the satisfaction score properly. Is there a log your plugin creates or any other areas you’d suggest for troubleshooting that one?

One feature that would be awesome on the ‘auto-close’ is the ability to add template post (like the one that’s added on the auto-respond) to let people know ie, ‘we’re closing this ticket because there’s been not further activity’ in 30 days or something of that nature.

The email functionality is working fine for me. This usually happens when the plugin meta value is not saved properly. Can you forward the email you are getting to ankitpokhrel [at] gmail [dot] com? We can continue our conversation via email.

And regarding the feature you requested, I think that would not take much time to implement and I will add it as soon as I get the chance (may be by next weekend).

hi, this looks amazing !!! not much out there for bbPress unfortunately, demo site does not seem to be working, can you please verify that demo site is working for both Participant and Moderator ? thank you, kind regards.

Hi randllcamacho,

Thank you for your interest in bbPress Activity Tracker Plugin. For demo site go to and login with one of the following details to check. Note that only limited access is provided for security reasons so you might get permission denied in some pages.

Participant Username: demo Password: demo

Moderator Username: moderator Password: moderator

If you have any problem let me know. We can setup a demo with admin access. For that PM me at info [at]

Kind regards, Ankit

thanks for such a speedy reply !!! i actually downloaded the free version from wordpress plugin directory but i only see the chart (tracker) in admin dashboard. the plugin mentions ; “Activity status for keymasters and moderators both in frontend and admin”.

this on my site and the demo site i cannot notice any additional/extra “frontend” features/activity tracking.

what exactly is displayed “frontend” ?

kind regards.

Hi randallcamacho,

The following features are added in the premium version. - Auto Post/Auto reply to a thread based on settings. - Daily Activity Email. - Auto close topic after specified time interval.

Frontend will only display the topic status. Every other thing will be available in the admin side. You can find the details on main product page here:

Regards, Ankit

Hello. I’ve just purchased your plugin with the intention of using the Auto Post function. It seems to work, but it is not working at the response time I’ve entered. I currently have it set to 1 hour, but with a couple of test posts, the auto-message did not publish for 8+ hours.

A screenshot of my settings can be found here:

Thank you,

So my server timezone & Wordpress timezones were in fact different. I’ve set them both to Chicago and ran another series of tests. Again, I have the auto-reply set to 1 hour, but below are the actual times I’ve received on my tests:

2 hours 51 minutes 3 hours 0 minutes 2 hours 1 minute

I have tried a Data Rebuild & permalink reset, but nothing seems to help. Any ideas?

Does it work for new topics? If not is there any test server where I can debug the issue? If yes, you can mail the details at info [at]

It does not work for new topics. Same issue – auto-reply works, but does not work at the defined time entered.

I will send you WP admin & FTP info to your address.

Hi there! Sorry for late response. Never used that plugin before but I guess it can be done.

Error establishing a database connection

Can you provide some more info about the issue?

In Live Preview – Error establishing a database connection
Hi There, were havint the same problem In Live Preview – Error establishing a database connection

Would love to see this working.

Is the plugin still sale?

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