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We have a specific need where we’d like to make some bbpress forums “invite only” while others are public. The entire bbpress install is already behind a login though, so the functionality would have to kick in based on every user having an existing login.

Not sure if your plugin facilitates anything like this or not, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

I am not sure what is your exact requirement. Can you please make it clear?

Currently this plugin can redirect users (loggedin/not loggedin) to a custom page that you create. You can do that based on user roles too.

So you want this to work only with a few forums? Is that what you are looking for? If yes, we don’t have that functionality yet. But we’ll try to include that soon

bof bof you cant restric access by forum for instant. And your previews and screen are not realy ....

I hope you include a fonctionality for (limit access for each forum bbpress and by user group) because your name … bbPress Access – Limit Forum Access ?. For instant the name application is just a joke.

i wait for next update after i contact envento because the name is a lying

If you want a exemple for your Benchmark you have : role scoper.


Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. For you to get an idea before buying, I have added live demo here.

Sure, I will be adding new feature to limit each forums. Will let you know once it is available.

oki, great

ty, i wait for see

Thank you so much Agnishukla :)

CAN I restrict whole bbpress or MUST I restrict all? Can I just restrict some forums or categories?

Hi Digiblogger,

Currently you can restrict by whole. Not single forum. I will be adding that forum wise restriction soon.

Hi Digiblogger, That feature is available now.

Hi! I bought the plugin but my forum is not limited, people can still visit it.

No, why? I might do later on!

I saw now that i have a cache plugin, but it’s not active. Can I make them work together?

If you are using any caching plugin, please clear entire cache first.

Still if it is not working, please contact me through below link and provide more details about your website. So that I can check.

Can this restrict access based on woocomerce memberships?

If you have roles based on Woocommerce membership, you can.

Hi, I am interested with the plugins, but I want visitor can only add topic, but cannot reply. Only administrator can reply. Does the plugins provide this function?


Currently, this plugin does not have this functionality. This is a custom requirement. So we may need to work on it.


I’m integrating bbpress and WooCommerce plugin. Project is about selling Services.

Project Requirement is :
  1. Users select the services and place the order. (WooCommerce)
  2. After placing order, thanks page will re-direct to bbpress forum. Which is created by bbpress API. I’ve already done that.
  3. But, created forums are public mode. :(

I just want : Forum created user and our WordPress admin users will see and access the forum. All other public users and other logged users will not see this forum.

I’m using bbpress like messaging system between me and my customers.

Please let me know, is possible with your plugin and how?

Thanks! :)


It is currently not possible using this plugin. But if you would like to have this feature, we can customise this plugin for you. Please contact me through this page –

Hi , with you plugin you can manage role with Wp roles. what about the BBPress roles ( participant, Moderator …) Wihat i want is Close My forum( hide whith a redirected page) to no logged users ( guest), and other user who do not get the bbpress roles participant or moderator (admin of course). is it possible ??

Hello hi do you have some updates or news . i am on last WP version and it still the same.

Oops! I missed this. Will look into this soon and update you after this weekend.


bbPress role support added. New version will be live within 1 day. You can download the latest version now from here –

Hi. If I restrict lets say forum B from user level “subscriber”, does the plugin also hide forum B recent topics in widget from subsciber?

Hi Opossumi,

No, it will not hide, It will only restrict the access to the forum. Thanks for the info anyway. Will consider this for improvement.

The “denied access page”... Can it be customized or it it hard coded to that design / logo/ login/register button?:

Thanks! Kind regards DreamQuest

Yes. That is a normal page. You create a customed page to show as access denied page and set that in plugin settings

Lolz! :-) “Only” 8 months to answer. It’s pretty late, but ok thanks for your reply. :-) :-P

Hi. You know, I’m looking for the ability to configure BBPress in a project with WPLMS. But I need something specific. My client needs each forum to limit the amount of TOPIC per forum created. And give the possibility that a customer can do a Topic for free. The idea is to offer a service so that customers have access to a forum to do 15 Topics per account and that the first, as a commercial hook, can do it for free. Do you think you can do something like this with your plugin? I remain attentive to your comments. regards Paul


Question before purchase

1) Compatible with worddpress 4.8 and .4.9?

2) Does your plugin work for custom pages? login, etc …

3) Compatible with php7

4) Compatible with all templates and plugins?

5) Integrated pot file?

6) Do you plan to add other functions?

7) Is an update planned?

8) The demo does not work

Thank you

There’s an issue with the search of bbPress forums not restricting based on forum access. If you have two forums, and a user that is only allowed into forum (a), if they search for a term that exists in forum (b) they will be sent directly to that thread, despite them not having the access enabled.

The link to the search result also work?

is it possible to restrict specific forms for specific users (not user role) ?

Not possible out of the box. But this can be done with small customization

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