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Looks good! Good luck with sales!

Thank you :)

I know what BBcode is, but not sure what your script does for me. For example, I have a website (dating site) that uses php script called vldPersonals. The script has a fns.parser.php with limited BBCode. Here is an example of the coding:

 $pattern = array('#\[b\](.*?)\[/b\]#s',
$replace = array('<b>$1</b>',

I would love to add more BBCode to the fns.parser.php, but I don’t know what the code is for certain BBCode. Will your script help me with knowing what coding to add for a certain BBCode (i.e. image alignment) to the fns.parser.php?

Sorry for the long question, but I’m so tired of buying stuff from codecanyon and it doesn’t work out for what i want it to do.


Hi. I’m not familiar with the script vldPersonals. But my parser works on a similar algorithm. Can do the following, please write your e-mail address. I will try to help in your problem, if I can help you, will you buy my script as a thank you:)

sending email now

Looks good, bought!

A couple of suggestions for future enhancements:

  • It would be great if there was a Javascript version of the BBCode parser, so that the editor could offer a preview in the browser (without a round-trip to the server).
  • Perhaps offer three tabs – raw BBCode (editable), and preview and HTML view, read-only.
  • When you highlight some text and make it bold, it puts in the [b] tags. If you bold the same text again, it just puts in another set of [b] tags. It would be really nice if it toggled instead and took the [b] tags out.

Thank you. I’ll think about upgrading. But no promises :)

Thanks. It’s already good, just thought those things might make it even better. :)

this is great! bookmarked!

thank you ;)

Hello, It’s look good! I got a question before I will buy this script. Is it is PHP class? and can I use this for my own PHP script?

It’s would be great if you can send me a part of document to make sure this script will help my project.

Thank you for your kind helps

Hello. This function. Such a code of my script is in the message from steveeyes. You can use this for their own script:)

do you have working demo of the editor? I really want a bbcode editor for a forum I am creating but can’t find one, I like the ones on phpbb forums, is this one similar?

Hi. Link to view the script is here:

This script works just like the other bbcode editors on various forums..

Is it easy enough to add emoticons etc?

If you have basic knowledge in programming, then add smileys would not be difficult. Just above the comments I gave an example of the code parser.

Hello there looks pretty nice before buying, can i use this code on my own editors and just have the bbcodes apply on the client side end page?

hi, give your email I will send you the product for free.

This things not work,

hello. Your hosting supports PHP? you changed the script or just uploaded it to your server?

Yes I only works in PHP mostly. I uploaded the script folder, enter it and get this.

EDIT: Solved, thanks. Tip; Use normal tags :)


I wonder if you think this product of yours would be easy to implement on SocialStrap and how much it would cost.

Read more here: REad more here: