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Hello nice app and good work , I would like to ask if app allow app users to add and sell their products or any one specific store can add and sell their products. Thanks !

looks promising! although the APK demo is not working

Fixed! thanks :)

Hello, how to edit this to make it use my wordpress (woocommerce) site and run it? is there a documentation I can follow?

Does this support any gateway for the payment method

There is no backend attached to the login, it’s just visual.So Everyone is complaining. Really, Now after purchasing theme, another question is which backend should be used to manage everything. Is I should sit down to write codes, than If I can write those as well, Why I was here? Suggest backend.

HI does the woo commerce version integrate stripe / apple pay?

No, it doesn’t

i love the interface of this template except that when i pulled the documentation i found it is not an easy task to integrate Woo commerce. when would you be able to completely embed woo-commerce where all one will have to do is generate the API keys and fill the config file. i think this would get you over 100 sales as your apps interface compared to all the ones here is the best. i for one would buy the app even if the cost was twice the current amount.

Thanks for your feedback :)

i jave a php sql site thats made in laravel framework. is it possible to built an app using this ? so the app will pull data from the original db of my site and authenticate users sending db queries?


When next version coming ?

what are the WooCommerce Integration we can add into the app

You can check the documentation to see which features are integrated from woocommerce

hmm, thank you but already found alternative. will buy if required if updated comes.


zorojo Purchased

hello, can you provide some documentation for configuring integration with woocommerce? Thanks


zorojo Purchased

Hello; Is it possible to work with domains without SSL support? Thanks.

can i integrated with other payment gateway that also integrated with woocommerce?

Hello, sorry for the delay in the answer. Yes you can do it but you need to code the integration

im newbie. where is admin panel? how to add new items, etc?

You can choose to use this with WooCommerce and manage the items there

i have a php mysql site thats made in laravel framework. is it possible to built an app using this ? so the app will pull data from the original db of my site and authenticate users sending db queries?

can you reply? as you completely ignored my earlier message


hello sorry for the delay in the answer. Yes, what you say is possible but you will need to code the integration with your db.

could we use this app as an LMS?

for example sell access to content?

Hi, i recently brought your app from ionicthemes.com ; yesterday to be precise. It was bundles with other applications and i brought the package. So after i brought and unpacked it. Unzipped the woocommerce bazar app. When i ran “ionic serve” command browser opened with splashscreen of the app. after sliding the first screen while i click “skip” button on right-top corner it shows the sign of loading and keeps on continuing forever. I cannot get through it to interact with app. Can you please give me a hint why it is acting so??

Hello! Did you follow the set up steps from the documentation?

yes, i followed exactly what documentation said.. Followed 3 steps as said in documentation.. app opens up like a charm but as i press skip it loads and continues doing so continuously… as i viewed console it gives error in consumer key, i’ve produced and edited common.config.js file according to documentation…

Pre Sale Question: I was wondering if it is possible to sell videos with this template.

Presale Query, Hello, Pretty impressive design and I need some indian payment gateway, Can I have option to integrate it in your app or else you will support to integrate it.

Hello, thanks for your nice words! I don’t know any indian payment gateway, but you may want to have a look at these links:

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39738996/how-to-integrate-ccavenue-to-ionic-app-solved https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-Cordova-Plugin

if I buy your product. do you will help me to install it for me? I don’t have account playstore and appstore. I really want to use your service for this project. my email: laykiry@gmail.com