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Is this app designed for users to signup and sell their own products on this marketplace? Also how much would you charge to setup and install this app on the android/iphone market for me. I’m not a coder or developer but I would like to create a business around this application.

Presale Question: Can I just display the list of wordpress post and now the woocommerce products?

Hi, bazaar is integrated with woocommerce, not with wordpress posts… If you want to list wordpress posts check https://codecanyon.net/item/ionwordpress-wordpress-full-integrated-mobile-app/10639789

Hi, are you gonna help for RTL? also payment gateway for WeChat payment and alipay ?

Im trying to change the template but whatever i do, nothing gets changed , so i searched for answers and I saw your documentations, I did everything as it says, I install gulp, sass and i ran my app through ionic but still it doesnt work. Help

Hi, template cache speeds the app a lot, that’s why we included it, so our users can benefit from a better experience.

When you run ionic serve there is a gulp task named “templatecache” which is responsible for updating the file template.js. You should not edit this file manually.

For some reason this task is not getting executed in your case.

Were you able to run npm install without getting any error?

You can disable template cache if you want.

I have some questions before I buy.

1. Are the categories and products synced from Woocommerce? 2. Some of my products have free shipping some have paid shipping (two shipping methods). If a costumer adds a product which has free shipping and one product where they can chose the shipping method does the app support this kind of case? 3. Can I send push notifications to users? 4. How many category levels does this support? I have the order like this: Category > Sub Category > Sub Sub Category. Does it support 3 levels? 5. Can users sign in with the same username they have in website? 6. When signing up, do these information get stored in the woocommerce site? 7. When they buy, add to wishlist, cancel order etc; are these information synced to woocommerce site?

Thank you.

Hi, you have to configure all that settings in your wordpress. The app will pull from woocommerce the data that you can see in the demo. If you want to get other data you have to change the code in order to get the data you need.

Not the answer I needed.

404 – File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

i am getting this error

When? How?

your templete requires https so i requested for refund

In the documentation it says:

Important: Your domain must support SSL. If you don’t use https in your domain, you will get the following error: { “code”: “woocommerce_rest_cannot_view”, “message”: “Sorry, you cannot list resources.”, “data”: { “status”: 401 } }


Nice theme. Just a few questions:

1. Can users leave comments? 2. Can users chat? 3. Can users sell their own products?

Thank you!

Hello, there is no chat in this app and there is no integration for the users to sell products.You can check the live preview for more details.


jatindeep Purchased

Hello, i want to know that my theme is multi vendor which is using wc vendors pro and my platform is woocommerce so will it get integrate with your app automaticaly or i will have to do it

it will NOT integrate automatically, because this is a mobile app, totally independent from your website

I am using your app integrated with woocommerce, i am getting following error when placing order. Please guide me related following issue.

{code ID or SKU is required.”,data}}

Querying Parameters consumer_key:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx consumer_secret:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx customer_id:1 line_items[][price]:79.99 line_items[][product_id]:31 line_items[][quantity]:1 line_items[][sku]:12345678 shipping_lines[][method_id]:flat_rate shipping_lines[][method_title]:Flat Rate shipping_lines[][total]:8 status:completed total:87.99

Waiting for your response.