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I only want the deals section with profiles of this application, i want to create deals for multiple company but is it possible to create the backend with wordpress for this section ? How companies will upload their deals ? Thank you

How to code the backend have you go tutorial ?

Hello, it’s not easy at all to create the backend of your app, I need a refound

Hi, why are the color chooser and size chooser not working? They don’t work on the demo and they don’t work on my app. Same behavior, no option to choose an option from the popup and load, just close it, why is this?

Hello, did you check the documentation in the WooCommerce section? https://docs.google.com/document/d/15lLp7CiUNcmxISTAf10Y1OKly_Rmfizxj4iTioL7l4g/edit#heading=h.rtec3654dyre

Regarding the color and size chooser… What do you mean by “not working” ? Do they open in your app?

I have gone through the documentation a few times. By not working I mean they are just for show. In your demo you can go to the first product, open the color chooser popover, select the color you want, close it, and it will still be black (the default color) same with size…

Hi, why is support taking so long?

Hi, I am interested on this template, how do you handle support? Via forums?

Edit: Nevermind just read the above comments. Pass.

Hello, pre-sale questions; how do you offer support for this app? do you support woocommerce 3.2 ?

hy how tosetting shipping fee? not with woocomerce

1. This application allows the consumer to see and buy products placed with Dokan or others Multi-vendors? 2. Can use social login (facebook, google, twitter, etc)?

Where is documentation?

You can find it in https://ionicthemes.com/product/bazaar-ionic-multi-app-template where it says “Quality Documentation”


1, How to change the currency 2. product page is not working (when i click the products then product images and detail are not opening) 3. how to integrated the payment with API

why are you not replying?????

Hello! 1. You can change the currency from the code. Find were it says $ or USD and change it for your own. 2.please debug the app and check if you get any error messages. 3. you can find here how to integrate paypal to the app https://forum.ionicframework.com/t/how-to-use-paypal-cordova-plugin-with-ionic/30065