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When I tried uploading the script to my website I got a message saying it was missing the style.css stylesheet. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks!! Bill

Hi, have you edit some file? You can show me the domain where get issue? I try to install script but i not get any issue.

Hi! This looks like a great plugin. Is there any way to embed a search into the eBay listings?

Hello, sorry for the long wait but I had problems in the family ..

You want to search listings from a single seller? Yes, it is possible by a filter.

I can explain how apply filter easy.

This app is not a plug-in, is a standalone application.

Regards KKTEK

Hi..I love this script, but the images are blurry and distorted in the search results..example: http://findmeauctions.com/search.php?search=1958+topps+psa+8&page=1&site=1&category=64482. Please let me know if there is a way to fix this. Thanks!! Bill

Hi, you can show the original thumbnails by ebay

open include/rss.php and at line 177

change this


with this


I hope help to solve


Hi..This works,,Thanks!! Please let me know how I can get the full auction title into the item box. Thanks!! Bill

Hi Bill, the title are controlled by css class “truncate”.

open include/rss.php and at line 191

change this

<p></p><h4 class="truncate">' . $item->title . '</h4>

with this

<p></p><h4>' . $item->title . '</h4>



Hi..Please let me know if there is a way that I show search results from a specific ebay seller. Thanks!! Bill

Sorry for looooong waiting, i get some family problems :(

Yes script can show by selected SellerID

open include/rss.php and at line 150

put a new line like this

$rss .= “&sellerId1=SELLERNAMEXXX”;

change the SELLERNAMEXXX and it work fine :)

Regards kktek

Hi..This works great!! I have a few more questions..The script doesn’t show auctions ending in less than 30 minutes time, is there a way to fix this? also is there a way to have just one keyword instead of multiple keywords? Also is there a way for a default catagory to show up on the home page? It seams without a catagory, there is no pagination..only 100 items show and there is no pagination. Also are the auction listings SEO? Thanks!! Bill

is avaible on italian?


I’m looking to purchase this. Is this still supported and does it support geo-targeting? Please let me know I’m looking to buy soon.


we support script and geo-targetting is already active. Just see some affiliate link u can see: