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How would I be able to integrate this into a Xenforo? This is something I am going to need soon.

No any way for this sorry – kktek

Hi there, The script looks good and I’ve installed it ok. I just have a query regarding search results – or lack of. For example, if you enter the search term ‘Commonwealth of Australia banknotes’ the script returns zero results, but this search at Ebay returns a few hundred results. Is it a config problem?

Thanks, Bart

Hello walkabout, I try to fix the problem

For quick fix open include/rss.php at line 151 and put // before the line like this

//$rss .= "&condition1=$condition";

Thanks, that seems to have done the trick.

Ciao, siccome ho fatto delle modifiche al file nel senso di aver aggiunto un header e un footer e cambiato un po’ i fogli di stile, mi potresti dire quali file sono stati interessati dall’upgrade? :)


Ciao haccian,

I file interessati all’upgrade sono:


aggiunto Random Keywords per homepage
aggiunto Random Site per homepage attivabile (on/off)


prima restituiva di default solo oggetti (Nuovi) ed era una limitazione per alcuni..
ora restituisce tutti I prodotti se non richiesto da ricerca avanzata.


fissati alcuni bug sul form di ricerca
prima perdeva ID del sito ebay richiesto quando si sfogliavano le categorie 


prima perdeva ID del sito ebay richiesto da index

Il layout non è stato interessato dall’upgrade.

Un Saluto – kktek


jijoua Purchased

Hello, I sent you a comment via your personal site. Can you check it? Thanks and awesome scripts

Buongiorno kktek, quando faccio una ricerca e seleziono una categoria per rifinire meglio la chiamata mi sono accorto che la categoria madre scompare e l’utente può solo scegliere tra le sotto categorie. Non è possibile quindi tornare indietro e ripartire dalle categorie principali. L’utente è quindi costretto a ripartire da capo e rifare una nuova ricerca, questo succede tutte le volte quindi alla fine l’utente è costretto continuamente a tornare indietro e rifare il percorso da capo perdendo tempo e probabilmente abbandonando il sito. Come è possibile cambiare questa cosa agendo sul file category.php ? C’è un modo per generare sin da subito tutte le categorie con le relative sottocategorie? Grazie per l’update precedente!

Ciao Junkscript,

apri index.php e alla line 190 vedi
<?php require_once('include/category.php');?>
aggiungi questo prima di require_once sempre in tag PHP :)
echo '<a class="btn btn-primary btn-xs" href="javascript:history.go(-1)"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-left" /> go back</a>';

fammi sapere – kktek

Grazie per la soluzione kktek anche se la trovo un po’ farraginosa. Non è possibile generare direttamente categorie e sottocategorie direttamente dalla chiamata api come hai fatto per il tuo script mercatone e riproporla in un dropdown? Tra l’altro ti ho scritto per avere info e il prezzo ma non hai mai risposto…

Ciao secondo me non è per niente farraginosa., è una riga di codice javascript universalmente compatibile desktop/mobile e io la trovo semplice e funzionale. Mi spiace non averti risposto me ne sono dimenticato scusami… cmq mercatone non è al momento in vendita ci devo lavorare ancora un po. Sappi che se lo metto in vendita si parla di altre cifre 500/600… e puoi immaginare il motivo :) Ti farò sapere appena è disponibile, se sei ancora interessato all’investimento..

Hello – is the script open source?

Hi, all code is not encrypted.

License http://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard

Hello – I just purchased the script and have a few issues. 1. I entered the keywords, but there are no pictures that show up on the index page until after I search manually. 2. I entered the adjusted code for BIN items only, but it doesn’t work for me and still shows auctions too. 3. It doesn’t show any categories like in the demo. I have entered my APP ID already. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello hoopster714,

thank to purchase Baymatic!

1) I need to know who file you have edited..

2) Send me your (application folder edited) in a .ZIP file, don’t delete your API Key I need to check it.



I emailed the files. Please let me know that you have received them.


You have another question?

I not have received nothing.



runein Purchased

Hi. Dont know if there is an answer for this but i will try. I already have a website so i uploaded all the baymatic files in a folder called “baymatic”. When i try to include the script from the baymatic folder on my main page it does not work very well. For example, the header from baymatic overruns my original header and places it self at the top of the page – then my original website header – then the baymatic categories from ebay. Maybe i need to use the advanced user option to include the script?

Hi runein,

I need to know more info about your website.

contact me in pm here:


and send me your domain address.


kramli Purchased

Oh my Good! The Google penalty this is the script??


So it’s not worth anything…

Hello kramli,

kktek.com is my website lab for try the scripts and test demo online:

http://kktek.com/baymatic http://kktek.com/awazon http://kktek.com/mercatone http://kktek.com/geoip/ http://kktek.com/contak/

and much more..

What do you expect from Google on affiliate sites? Google have the Monopoly on affiliate questions.

My scripts are just a basic projects and should be customized by you. You must to create a very good Niche site, and just focus on that category you want for a website, you must to create a good content.

I must not teach you how to build a successful website! You have to experiment your better strategies and find the road of success $$$!

Anyway read this:


GL, HF, and Happy Money!


ps: I’m proud to be a Ebay Partner Member :)

I re-sent the files again. Please check your spam folder.

Also, the code above shows listing types with Auctions & have BIN too. How do I show only BIN items without any auctions as part of the listing?

When I click the submit button with the default code nothing happens. It is only when you hit enter. Is there a way to make it do both?


1) what version you use?

2) you can show only items by: All, Auction, Auction with BIN

for refine better the search you can put also filter to condition (New), open rss.php at line 58:

change this

$is_condition = '';

with this

$is_condition = '&condition1=New';

3) open index.php at line 113

change this


with this


Release 2.5 is coming soon for fixing some smallest bugs.



tsikas Purchased

admin panel?


tsikas Purchased

for each product they buy through ebay script how much money I earn;

I send answer in pm :)


tsikas Purchased

wow I send answer in pm!


jijoua Purchased

Hello kktek, as tsikas previously asked, I would like know too how much money can I earn per item sold. I have searched and I have seen some tables with percent by category but in other sources I read that ebay only pays by traffic sent. Can you clarify?


Hello sorry for long time..

I think Ebay have an ibrid system to calculate your payment.

PPA (pay per action) + PPS (pay per sale)

In my experience you can earn really about EUR 0,20 at EUR 0,40 at click.. (quality clicks)



wilkins Purchased


Just checked your demo and when you do a search, at the top of the results you get suggestions, however when you click them they all go back to the front page and not the product. Is this correct?






sorry for the long wait.

to fix this issue, open include/suggestion.php at lines: 85 and 93



with this


and it work fine, look the demo

thx for you ask!

Regards – kktek


Great script. Just wandered how I add more parameters. I need to add the following:

_sadis – Distance _fpos – Postcode

I need these to to determine the search results. Is it just a case of adding them in the rss.php file?


I have also found that when no results can be found for the search it is displaying the following:

img/page-not-found.png" alt="page not found">

’; }//end check if empty }//END FOREACH } else { }//if false $_GET[‘search’] terminate the script ?>

Yes, is a small new feature. Regards

That is how it displays on a web page. it doesn’t show an image, it shows the above.

How do I install the plugin?

My purchase code is: d3eeb9dd-30e0-44a7-a88e-b7c1be42fac6 – 24 Jun 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

My email address is: wilcockayne@gmail.com

Hello, thx to purchase Baymatic!

Baymatic is a standalone script..no need other softwares to run..

just upload in your site folder and it is ready to go…

just edit a simple include/config.php :)

Regards – kktek

Dear Kktek.

I want to use this script on my html website not wordpress and specifically using embedded mode only.

In the example of embedded mode the items are going down the page vertically, can this be changed to row? Example one row of 3 items? or 2 rows with 6 items?

Are there anymore parameters under “All parameters usable”?

Do you support this software beyond 12 months?

Thank You!

Hello Dadplus!

1)Baymatic use Bootstrap Framawork to display. You can edit all what you want, just edit the DIV columns.look here http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid

2) We can use more and more parameters by Ebay.

3) I can support you, but maybe the customization is not included in Licence.

Regards – kktek


palent Purchased

I want to center my site around eBay Motors, how do I change the category drop-down menu to have only eBay Motors categories?

Hello mate!

This is very simple :)

go on include/config.php and change:


$site_default = '1';

with this

$site_default = '100';

and this

$category_default = ''; 

with this

$category_default = '6001';

for more details pls go here https://developer.ebay.com/devzone/guides/ebayfeatures/Development/Sites-eBayMotors.html#SearchingforeBayMotorsUSListings

Regards – kktek

For get Ebay Motors: ChildCategories, open include/category.php at line 29 u can see:

{$cataa = '-1';}           
$cataa = '-1';

change -1 with 6001

Hello KKTEK, I have already changed the code to show only auctions, what code would I add to show only auctions with 1 minimum bid?

I have tried the following but it is meant for xml and does not work

$rss .= ”$itemFilter(0).name=MinBids”; $rss .= ”$itemFilter(0).value=1”;

Hello m8,

change the line 83 with this:

} else { $Listings = '&listingType1=Auction';}// end Type operator

insert this in rss call:

$rss .= "&minBids=1";
$rss .= "&maxBids=1";

and disable:

$rss .= "$is_condition";

with // like this:

//$rss .= ”$is_condition”;

let me know if all ok .


like the script, how do i get the links that open in place of my page to open in a new window ? would like to see a setting in the config.php in the future, what code changes do i need to make now, i can modifiy but i’m not a coder is the reason for asking,,,, thanks

Hi, you want open all ebay links in a new window?


<a href="ebay.com" target="_parent">Same window</a>


<a href="ebay.com" target="_blank">New window</a>