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Good luck with sales.

Thanks dude !

Where can I change the splash screen, can’t find her?

Hey DeHuc_64 !

You can find the splash screen in the following folder :

android => assets

It is the black png written buildbox in the middle

Best Regards, Stingreyzapp.

Can’t find the screenshot?

Send me a mail so I can show you dude. It is simple ;)

google still supported eclipse?

Easy to re skin ?

Very easy =)

Does anyone ever make game templates without ads?

There are ads, just forgot to put it ;).

Do you want a version without ?

You can upgrade it to bbdoc

Hello Thaisovalle,

It should work because it has been made with Buildbox 2.1.0

You can buy it, and if it doesn’t work I will upgrade it to bbdoc 2.2.2 ;).

Best Regards, Stingreyzapp

Can I use the code on Android Studio ?

Ouais bien sur ^^

Excellent job