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This app is promising, and i would really love to purchase it, but the invoice bug is an issue, is there at least a fix for it so i purchase, or do i have to wait until the next update?

Thank you for your reply. As you can see i already purchased, and fortunately i didn’t encounter the invoice problem at all. The app is functioning flawlessly except the sms. Whenever an appointment is made with sms notification checked i am getting the following error Array ( [0] => ) Authentication failure. I already created a clickatell account, and submitted the sms settings as described, but still getting the same error. please advise, i already submitted a ticket.

Please send us a ticket at as this is a technical issue. Our support staff there will help you.

i already submitted a ticket, you replied and i sent you back an update. it has been more than four days now and you didn’t provide a proper solution. clickatell made it clear that the implementation method in Sms_modal.php is no longer supported, and in order to make sms notifications work Rest Api must be called via CURL, so please reply. also it would be greatly appreciated if you guide me on how to implement Server Side defer loading while calling datatables on manage_patient page.

pre sale question:

if a doctor works only 1-2 days per week and the receptionist or patient tries to appoint in a non avaliable doctor’s day ? doctos has some kind of schedule ?

Hello,doctor schedule feature is not available. But thanks for your suggestion. We will keep it in mind for our future updates.

Is your system support below features?

Salient Features Clinicareon is a feature rich complete Hospital Management Software.Clinicareon is configurable and exactly fits to your requirements. Following are the Salient features: Complete application with full feature set catering to both clinical and admin/ finance/ operational streams. Addresses all requirements in the gamut of Patient care from patient entry to patient exit. Efficient and Instantly updated Electronic Patient Record and Integrated Electronic billing. Integrated and Modular application catering to hospitals of any size, specialty and scope. Secure with data protection and availability of data/ information only to designated resources. True web application with secure access from anywhere in the world. Configurable and easily customizable to suit your exact requirements. Built on stable technology platform with easy to use and intuitive user interfaces. Cash and Billing Snapshot and Details with variety of Reports. Readily available Ward Management and Availability statistics. Automatic billing and stock updates without human intervention ensuring accurate transactional handling. Alerts on critical items such as Re-Order-Levels, Minimum Stocks and A/R enhance operational control. Readily available patient clinical details improve clinicians ability to serve patients better. Detail and snapshot/ summary Reports increase Management Effectiveness. 2.Modules Outpatient Module Inpatient Module Integrated Clinical Care Ward Management Facilities Management. Laboratory Management including External orders and External laboratories Pharmacy / Internal Pharmacy Theater/ Surgery Diet & Canteen Inventory/ Stores Electronic Billing H.R and Payroll System Administration

Hello,many of the desired features are available in our application. To get a better idea,please review our product details page. Our application does not have the stock management module. But many of the desired features can be developed as customization. Please send us a ticket at regarding customization queries.

a few pre sale question:

1. if a doctor works only 1-2 days per week and the receptionist or patient tries to appoint in a non avaliable doctor’s day ? doctor has some kind of schedule ?

2. create an account with custom access, for example: Receptionist with accountants features (edit, add, and create invoice)

3. some kind of queue list for doctor, i mean: a receptionist aprobed a patient, then the doctor can attend him/her, why? well, some times patients arrives late

4. inventory on pharmacists

how much will cost this customizations ?

Hello truchosky, thanks for your message. You can hire us for developing those customized features. Please send us a ticket mentioning those points at . Our support staff will be in touch with you.


I have some questions about customatization, could you tell me where I can contact you to ask you about the cost and possibility of customatizatoin?

I tried accessing but it sends me to a Coming Soon page.

Hello okozlovski, Our support page is now opened. You can send your question there now.


ERROR 500 how do i resolve this???

Hello,server error is not related to the application as it depends on the server itself. So,please contact your hosting service provider instead.

hi, the project include guide to how can start, and what about customise. thanks

Hello hayasuliman, it includes guide how to start. For customization, you have to send a ticket at .

Great product…is it possible to have a text editor for prescription where the doctor has the option to use stylus pen or his finger to write prescription rather than type, if there is, i’m buying right away because in my country, the doctors would love it. soonest reply please. thanks

Hi justtunji, thanks for your query. Stylus pen editor is not added yet but you can type with keyboard in prescription. If you have any more queries please send as a ticket at

1) Can I add new beds Or Rooms in your app? 2) Are the rooms or bed charges calculated automatically? 3) Do you have the system of creating Financial summary showing profit etc?

Hello eeba786, yes those are possible. But they may need some customization works on our existing software. If you want that, please send us a ticket at

Do I have the ability to add or remove fields from the patient forms as I would like?

Hello csmillac, yes this is possible. But they may need some customization works on our existing software. If you want that, please send us a ticket at

Do you have the PHP version of this software, I will like to buy it and customize a few other features in it.

Hello gentlebright001, thanks for your comment. It is a PHP software so you can customize it.

Hello, I loved the app and I would like to purchase, however on the live demo, it seems that viewing prescriptions and diagnosis reports or anything that opens in a modal is not supported on safari, I have tried safari on MAC and iPhone but none of the modals show. Is this a demo-live issue or is it the same issue after purchase?

Hi aliihaidar , thanks for you comment. The demo is limited. After purchase it will not happen.

Hello Creativeitem Staff!!! It looks an awesome piece of work you’ve got there! I would like to know if I can change the language, name and logo, for my client’s specs. Thanks in advance for your reply.

I solved part of translation… but Is still missing the “log-out” and the “£” for Dollar symbol

Please send us a ticket at regarding this issue.

I will, thanks

Pre Sale questions. 1. When I login as Receptionist and try to filter specific doctors appointments, why I cannot see them? 2. As receptionist Can I see all the appointment calendars of all doctors?

Hello svvskr, those may need some customization work on our existing software. If you want those please send us a ticket at


alikreem Purchased

HI, sir i have error in Profile page (Page Not Found) and Private Messaging doctor or Patient not can reply Message

Please send us a ticket at regarding those issues. Our support staff there will help you.

When can we expect update with feature requests? Its almost 5+ months, Thank you