Discussion on BattleMania With Web version - Tournament App with Website & Admin Panel for PUBG / Free Fire / COD

Discussion on BattleMania With Web version - Tournament App with Website & Admin Panel for PUBG / Free Fire / COD

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i have a couple of pre-sales questions… 1- is there is iOs version? 2- can script be used for physical sports, i mainly need people who doesn’t know each other to be able to arrange games and tournaments together… like for example gathering 11 people as a football team…

thank you.


Thank you for your interest. 1. No, There is no IOS app. But Web version available so IOS user can use that.

2. Yes, Can be used for physical sports which are related multi player games. But game and tournament can create admin only not other users.

Thank you.

In the description there is mentioned 2 themes for web version user panel where is the another theme and I cant find any option in the admin panel to change the theme ?

That option is available for user, user can select as they want.

Why are achievements set in percentages in match settings? It’s very uncomfortable. And admin has the main benefit, only 5 percent remains! 5 percent is too little. How can this be changed?

Yes, there is filed call admin profit on app setting. From there you can change it.

I think the admin panel has not been updated to V5. Because the old year 2020 is also shown in the footer.

Yes, its V5 updated.

Do you plan for iOS app to this?

There is no plan for IOS now. Because Web version is there, IOS user can use that. But still you want then it will be in custom development for you only.

Next update when?

Not sure when it will be. Thanks. Can your product meet requirements like this app and website?

No, its not similar to that. its single match tournament. and user cannot create tournament. It will need custom development.

Dear seller, I want to buy this, few questions. 1. can I add any games or only selected games 2. adding by API 3. Any language and theme which available to change? thanks

Hi, Thank you for you interest. 1. You can not add any 3rd party games inside our script. This script is for create tournament for games like PUBG, PUBG Lite, Fortnite, COD, and others that are related to these types of games. 2. No, 3. Yes its supports multiple language, you needs to update your language your self. And for theme, Yes, there are 2 design available for user side. 1 like admin page and 2nd like mobile app for desktop view. User can change from their profile. Thank you.

Thanks for reply. Is there any uprunning site now that we can join to experience. as this script needs lots of manual input to run as gaming platform business, thus would liket to know authour is actully running an Production version with live payment so i can join to fully understand the concep before purchasing this.

Sorry, We cannot share our customer’s link. you can check from demo. Thanks.

After purchasing battle mania . I have to buy game also like pubg etc ?

Hi, I am interested in buying this script but need to know a few things.

- do you have tutorials on how to link and activate matches? - will I need special account to create and host the matches? - I can’t find any usefull information on internet on how to create own pubg match. Will this app create the match and link it and give access to all joining users?

Hi, Thank you for your interest. 1. There is no auto link between this and games. admin have to create match from admin and at 15min or 20min before start time of match, you have to create room on pubg game. you will have room id and password that you you have share from admin to joined uses. so user can join and play. then you will final result at end of match. that you can add from admin. so that way its work. 2. No, you need room card for create room. 3. from here you can find how you can create room. 4. Yes from admin you can create match and you can give room id and password to joined user. Thank you.

Hi friend, I’m interested in your script. I try to understand how it works. So we don’t need to upload games but instead we create mobile games tournament for our users, it will then connect user to the games by api? Our app will get and display data from the games itself. Please make me clear on this.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest. Yes your understanding is correct but for game result you have add manually from admin panel.

Thanks for your reply.

Is it only support PUBG / Free Fire / COD ? or any games which can create room?


Yes, its supports all on which you create room. But once check demo for which game you want. Thanks.

How does battlemania script really work?

Is it a game manager and not really the game as such it connects to the games?

If it’s not game but connects to the game?

How do I get the game since battlemania script is just management and not the real game

You can test on demo.

I tried to fix a free game to use and test it didn’t work. What do I do or please help me and fix a free game

Demo is for demo only, its not live site. So you can check script in demo. we are not creating any live match.

how can i add languages?

There is setting for select language for integrated will create language file on application/language then you have to change language on that file.

Can you add crypto payment via web3?

Please explain in detail via our email:

I see you have tron as crypto payment. Can a Bep20 token be used as a payment to enter the tournament?

No, it will need custom development.

How the admin makes money?


By Script Admin can organize single match tournaments for games such as PUBG, PUBG Lite, Fortnite, COD, and others that are related to these types of games.

for example Admin creating match for pubg game

and admin set joining price 100 and per kill 50 and winner 2500

Now all user can join that match.

So if 100 user joined that match That means 100 * 100 = 10000 (admin have this)

Admin have to give Total 99 will be killed that means 99*50 =~ 5000 winning = 2500 SO in total admin have to give 7500

2500 is profit of admin.

so like this admin can create as they want to profit.

So after creating a tournament By script, admin to create room from game then needs to send room id and password from admin.. once admin will send room id and password, all joined will get that details and they can join room at match time… then all will play game after match admin will get result of whole match.. then admin have to set that result of match from admin.

That way it’s working.

Hi, I was installing the backend for this app. I followed all the steps provided on the documentation page. But I am getting errors in the databases.:/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/warzoneesports/upload/battlemania.sql does not contain schema/table information 22:44:02 Import of /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/warzoneesports/upload has finished

Hello sir payment gateway kam nhi kar rahe hai please contact me

What issue you are facing and in which payment method. please contact here: so we can help.

Hello. I have specific Development Requirement for Gaming. Are you open for modification of the platform? Kindly let me know.

Yes, we can do custom development. After purchase you can contact at with your requirement.

I download your demo app on playstore i really like your script but the little thing i don’t understand and wish to know is. after a user join the tournament. How will they start playing the game after the schedule time for the game

Once user joined match, later admin will create room on games at time before schedule time(can create 10 to 15min before).. and share id & pw of room from admin panel, so joined user can see id and pw then they can join your created room. and can play games. after match completed. admin have to add result from admin.

Wow… this is amazing. How i wish there is a video tutorial for this beautiful explanation. Thank you

Thank you. we will try. :)

im intrested to buy. but i dont know how to install. can you install this script for me

Yes, we can install, it will cost you installation charge which you can see on item description page. and for custom development please contact at


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