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Im Purchase your APP…....Your APP Error in my Eclipse…& Not Clean Code… —Jar mismatch—-! fix your dependencies xxxxxxxxxxx

Can You Help Me…??..

my email : kreasitaonline@gmail.com

Sure…I am sending you an email.

Can you please let me know what needs to be done to clear up the dependency errors i’m getting upon import of the code? My email is fifogigo@gmail.com

Okay… can you add us in skype ? We will need to solve this via team viewer.

Sorry, I can’t give you access to my computer, you could just tell me what needs to be done and I can do it myself, i’m pretty good at following well written directions.

Its okay… You will need to remove one library named as google-play-services.jar. This library is inside libs folder “libs\google-play-services.jar”.

sir my email id bvirat13@gmail.com i am having jar mismatch and several errors.please help me.

Please verify your purchase first. After that we can help you. :-)


boycode Purchased

hi you. Now open Project with Android Studio but have error - Error when rename package - While don’t rename and build apk. Build done virtual machine but don’ install to AsusFonpad andoird 4.4.2. This phone install apk demo Can you help me


boycode Purchased

Hi you. I converted project open with Android Studio. But build error as soon as. You can sent me Project Android Studio. You can help me rename package name. I read document and do the same but error. When rename package, need change package all class java? I try change and try don’t change, but all error. You can help me! Thanks!

We can give you the free support for the code provided us. But in this case you have converted it by yourself. So, it will not considered as free support.

But no need to worry. We will provide Android Studio code as our new update within few days.


boycode Purchased

I converted but error. I hope you will provide Android Studio code. Thank so much!


we purchase your code. how to change background color & kindly share android studio project with latest google api.

tell me the file name where we change black background color you not mention in your document how to change background color in app. this is not a customization. this is basic requirement just like icon changes. otherwise refund my payment.

tell me file name for background color change?

res folder > values folder > color.xml

Hi, good work.

I have a presales query.

Is it possible to make this app auto pop up when we charge battery.

How many devices does this app supports.

Would you install this app for us.

Thank you!


1. Currently auto pop-up feature is not available for this app, if you want us to add this feature then please contact us on Skype. Our Skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs

2. It supports total 11136 android devices.

3. I am not getting you. Can you please explain your question ?

Thanks :-)

is it available in android studio?

It’s in Eclipse. If you want Android Studio version then kindly contact us on Skype at help.gurutechnolabs