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Hi, I would have bought this if you could do anything that was not achieved by my current tools on my PC, perhaps you could add the ability to crop, for example often i do the resizing through my PCbased tools, which i do to resize the width, however i get to a certain point when i want to crop hundreds of images so they are square, perhaps you can look at adding a cropping feature. Then you will have me as a customer.

Hi . Thanks for your suggestion. If I am not wrong, cropping the image is very image specific, means – lets say, if I crop imageA(in which Bill Gates , Steve Jobs , John Doe with flower pot are standing together) by defining width as 800 (original width is 1200) but the same would not work for imageB if the software automatically crops out John Doe , if cropping width is fixed at 800 for all images.

If thats not the concern and you are ready to accept images no matter what final output of images would look, then I may think to do customisation only for you. But this feature , as of now will not be included in this pack.


Hi Hilton,

Let me clarify what I do, when I set up online stores often I need to set up hundreds, maybe thousands of images. I resize them 3 times. I make a large images around 1000px, then i make a medium image around 350px, then what I would do is resize them to a smallest dimesion of 100px (larger dimension would maintain aspect ratio), once they are resized, then I would crop those resized images to 100×100px.

I would buy it if this faciity was available.

Ok, what if I give you an option wherein after resizing images to 100px (aspect ration) you further output/resize those images in fix size i.e. 100px x 100px. I will resize them (fix size) and not crop.

Will that work for you ? If yes, then I will have to do some tweaking (which may give me this result)


Cropping has to be cropping, if i wanted a forced resize without aspect ration to 100×100 i can do that with CSS

Hi Thanks for the purchase. To my best knowledge there are not any bugs. If you still find any just let me know.


Hi Hilton, I did a test and set the width of your 5 sample images to 500, however the resize was done to 496, the size needs to be exact, can you fix this?

Hi Plz check your mail.


have a source code?

Yes, I do provide but not at the listed price :) Please mail me to discuss further.


This item is just like mine, and mine is cheaper than yours :D

Yeah I saw but yours is just for resizing and mine is for resizing , renaming & cropping too. :)

Hi i just resized a folder of images to 200×150 but they all got resized to 196×146 can you please advise…

Also an auto overwrite checkbox would be handy too if your looking for suggestions for updates


Hi thanks for the purchase and suggestions. The 4pixel short bug was updated, but some how could not update it on to codecanyon. Sending the update link to your mail id. Also have noted down your suggestions.

Thanks Hilton

also if it could remember the last folder you where in too – that would be helpful

i noticed you can not set the height of the images only the width – the problem with this is if you set your height and the proportionate height is not a full pixel ie 321.25px it wont process the images – i have around 500 images to resize that i thought i would just be able to fly through using this…. but sadly that’s not the case…

k so i resized them using a different program and now want to crop them – to make this super quick can you please add an option to set a default crop size.. it defaults to 100… so if i continue to use this i need to reset it both the x and y 500 times to 150…

comments – removed as i finally got the cropping feature to work…

FYI i got the upgrade patch to work only after running it as administrator this appeared to fix my resizing issue, and also the bug that was making the images 4px smaller

more than happy with this product and would recommend

has the download from codecanyon been updated with this patch?

Hi Thanks for liking the product and good to know that it fulfills you requirement. Yes(i think) , The 4px smaller patch has been uploaded on codecanyon.


Hi, i hit my first bump in the road with this software. I have resized and renamed about 80 images last weekend, and they have gone mostly well, then I looked at the images that have been resized.

Approx 1/3 of them have been resized as a square rather than keeping aspect ratio that I set as 800×600 … so they have been resized and squashed to fit in 800×800. It seems a bug, because I have replicated the issue a couple of times.

Apart from this bug the idea and software is a great idea. Just needs some minor fixes to correct that behaviour.

I tried to replicate the same but could not find this bug in the software. If you can send me couple of your images I can try resizing them here.


Hi there DEV,

Great app and a very useful tool :) The only thing that it keeps me to buy your app is the support for .png and .gif files :(

Does your app handle PNG & GIF files? If not, will you update it to support PNG & GIF?


Hi Thanks for showing interest. Give me sometime . I shall reply soon.


Hi I bought this and im trying to do 400×400 but its doing 400×325.1 I have about 1000 pictures to resize I need help asap thanks

it actually takes proportionate size.

but I need to be able to do 400×400 is there anyway this can be changed?

You can resize it with 450 (width) and then crop it exactly to 400×400.

I have several hundred images that I want to crop from the centre to be 640×1136 how can I set this. I only see the option for 100×100

Hi Due to technical barrier of screen resolution we cannot set the cropping size of 3072×3072 . To check the working functionality of the application, I request to check the cropping of images with size of 500×500.

As far as refund is concerned , Please contact envato support for the same.

When you are dealing with 8+ mp images and wallpapers for kindle and retina ipad then you need this high resolution I’ve submitted my support request to envato to request the refund. You might want to update the main part of your listing so others are aware of this restriction.

Your suggestion noted down. As of now no plan for any upgraded version.

Hello.. I am wanting to install this app.. but my computer says downloading it might put my computer at risk? Is there a problem with the app

No. We never use any such code that would harm the computer.