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Hi, Nice script but think it will required an “list and edit” jokes on the dashboard to help sales. Thanks!

Thank you for your suggestions , it will be available in the next update.

when share new joke share like picture – and in description add joke as text + #category as hash tag + short link (config) in admin panel if possible you to add those features ?

in admin panel add api for shorte.st api for adf.ly + api gor goo.gl

and let admin choose where to short

also when press Space/Esc to give random joke

when Press R – to give Random

when press L to like the joke

when press S to share and show modal of where to share

when share in google+ share as blogger post to have link on iamge and or any other social network where posiible like this

Add VK.com + OK.ru share features – for Russia Add Baidu and weibo share features – for China

- and not only me .. be sure u will get more sales !

Add functionality for Romanian language China and Russian (here also ppl have jokes)

thank you very much

Thank You :D ! We will add some of your suggestions to the next update.

good job, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

thank you :D

Can i erase all jokes and fill it with usernames to make live giveaways?

Yes you can erase all jokes .

I am impressed with the script, and will buy it..

Pre Sales Question..

1. Can we add images to the post instead of text?

2. Ad placement can be changed?

Hello ! 1 – You can’t 2 – Yes we will help you to change Ad Place .

Any chance in future releases?

Maybe !

nothing new .. you forgot about what I asked

maybe another good feature to add is the like or dislike buttons

Nice work, Good luck

Thank You :D

Great script. But I am not familiar with PHP and don’t know how I can add or install it to a web site which I own. I am very good in Wordpress only. Please let me know if its easy, then I will buy it maybe today. Thanks again.

it’s easy to install :)

facebook share doesn’t share full joke. Try and see yourself.

I’m trying to build a random content generator and had a few questions before purchase:

1. Can you add a back button or something like “Show Previous Joke”?

2. Can you add links on the page, or can I at least use HTML when adding new ‘jokes’.

We wait an update! If you could add a scoring system (only +1 or -1) And maybe add a comment module for more participation on the script !

I suppose that no update will be made now?

Excellent job

Thank You :)

Hei, there are some problems with the “Share link”.. Also would be awesome for ability to add facebook og:type-s etc.

Hi i was about to purchase it than i realized the script is buggy https://gyazo.com/c0b25ebab93598c9598fef2afe4f7383 it opens joke in 2 different boxes sometimes and ruins the template fix it so i can buy it thanks

There were updates promised a year ago – any chance we could have new features soon!


cl79 Purchased

i cant get to the dashboard it keeps saying to login

site not working