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AdMob included?

from our experience admob integrated product shows some errors while loading in the buyers machines. So details tutorial included in documentation instead of integrating it with the product itself. Thanks.

A new edition of the game has been uploaded that comes with admob and video tutorials…. You can try as the following:: https://codecanyon.net/item/basketball-3d-/17268891

Does it take long to integrate admob yourself? Do I get the Unity file?

no.. it will take only at most 2 minutes. If buy this product…. inform us…. we will help you to integrate it… What do you mean by unity file? You will get all the source codes written in unity. Thanks

If it was added I would buy it

Admob has been added… beside video tutorial has also been added for easy customization and integration of admob… Following is the link for new edition of the product… https://codecanyon.net/item/basketball-3d-/17268891

Hello I buy this game could you please tell me why I’m having this error? http://prnt.sc/byxjbl

This game was developed in unity 4.6… so you can download unity 4.6 for free and try to open it. Thanks.

i can’t open the project. it says selected folder is not a unity project

browse to get the folder named ‘basketball’ and open it. This error showing because of selecting any parent folder.

Thanks. got it.

hi i cant see AdManager pls help me

we know it’s becoming really pain for you… we are also trying to figure out a way… can you give a last try downloading the complete latest sdk version http://www.techspot.com/downloads/5425-android-sdk.html

email check pls …

hi i tried to open in unity 5.4 of3 but it says new version update necessary and i can not open most of the project after upgrade it. Also i will ask later on about adding admob. thanks

Download Unity 4.6 instead.. Its available in the unity website Thanks.

Hello To Reskin a game, what are my limits? Do I need to change the spirits, backgrounds, music and sound effects as well??

all of them are royalty free…. so you can modify/use as per your requirements… :)

So I can use them as they are?

have admob….?

Yes… In the following edition… https://codecanyon.net/item/basketball-3d-/17268891 Thank you.

Does it work with unity 3d 5.5? Is IOS compatible?

Yes its developed in unity 5, so 5.5 will work hopefully… you can build for ios environments too