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ahkmunna does not currently provide support for this item.

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Your demo login not working

We’ll check it. Thanks

The demo does not work, can you fix it as soon as possible?

Toc toc, is anyone here?

what about mobile compatibility?

Its responsive

can you make work demo again please i’ll buy

Demo credentials (, password: 123456) not working

Hello, I need to generate barcode. Our single product can have several warehouse and be in several.

Need more detail requirements to give a time estimation. contact support to discuss.

Ok. i click on “Support” i see this “ahkmunna does not currently provide support for this item.” ..... ???

send message from my profile

Hi There,

I am experiencing an issue after entering the install information, I am receiving the error below and was wondering if you would be able to help.

A Database Error Occurred Unable to select the specified database: inventory

Filename: controllers/Login.php

Line Number: 6



This item is not supported anymore.

admin demo is error

Go for the business dairy version.

We dont manage the basic inventory now. The business dairy is the advance version you can choose. Thank you

Demo credentials (, password: 123456) not working.

If you go to that link you sent, and then choose Basic Inventory demo, it takes you to If you use the login credentials shown on that page (, password: 123456) you will see that it does not work. You cannot login using those credentials. You cannot take the product for a test drive.

You can choose other inventory application on the list.


i want to use it for construction project for project A, there is a budget Y , it has 1 client and different suppliers, we can purchase asset from suppliers with qty and amount, then if not paid to suplier then show as outstanding in project. for project A , it should show all expenses like wages, assets etc.

can all this be possible in this project? or do u have any such software

Dont have anything like this exactly but we can help you to build one. Send emails with details to discuss about the cost and time. Thanks


I am interested with MULTI-STORE INVENTORY application, but I need two more functionalities to be added, is this possible? if yes, can we have a separate discussion of this?


Yes, the script is customisable. Please send a message on the profile page with more details. Thanks

Hi, I sent you a message on profile two days ago, I am looking forward on your reply.


Email replied. I’m on holiday right now.

admin login credentials not working. please check. thanks

demo login not working :))) this application is dead i think

The given logins for the demo preview is not working.. :(