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Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Great game and even better support! Thank you.

Is this Adsense safe? And how can I place Adsense code?

Hi Eylemc, No this game is not suitable for Adsense. Please Google Adsense and HTML5 games for a more in depth answer to your question.


I would like to know which files are included? Is this possible to change the graphics of the game?



Yes it is very easy to change graphic and sound assets. The zip file includes instructions on how to do this. All sound files are included in mp3 and ogg format. PSD files are included, as well as spritesheets. You can create entirely new levels with a simple level editor; flash file supplied.

If you need support, during customisation just mail me.

Awesome, thanks! :) I will tell you if I need more information.

An outstanding game. By far the best I have ever seen on codecanyon. Very easy to adapt. See my version at:

Can i put google adsense on this game or no ?

Hi Taoo10 this question has already been answered. Please see reply above to eylemc

Hi There

Great game, question, how can I change or remove the Basher title on the opening screen. I cannot find it as a graphic, and I cannot see it in the code. Please help

kind regards Rosie

Hello! I trust you’re well.

Can the background image could be static?

And could it be one diferent background image per level? I need the game to have 15 different images, one in each level.

Thanks in advance and best regards!

Currently the game has only one image that can be changed. I am happy to adapt the code to allow for separate background images, one for each level. I would require a small fee for this update.

Ok, thank you for your answer, How much would be the amount?

hi. i want buy this game. but this game have bog when you move The end of right position.

Hi There, I am having issues with this game on iPhone. The game opens but I can’t click on anything.

Hi rogue. I will have to look into this as I have the same issue. Thank you for alerting me to this. I will update the game sometime in the near future.

Hi, Do you provide the source code also so that we can do the customization ourselves at our end like changing the name of the game, background image, levels, points system, lives, etc.