BasePress - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

BasePress - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

What is BasePress

BasePress is the perfect solution to add a knowledge base to any existing WordPress website. It features a single or multi product mode to create independent knowledge bases for each product, allowing your visitors to find the information they need faster and without confusion.

NEW! Version 1.3.0 has arrived with the following additions:
Unlimited sections hierarchy
Articles comments
An extra new theme to choose
Possibility to add a functions.php file to themes to extend customization

Full Features list

Single and Multi Product mode that can be changed at any time.
Content can be organized with unlimited hierarchy levels

  • Live Smart search with snippets of the content for each found articles with highlighted terms.
  • Search results sorted by visitors views and votes.
  • Smart search on/off.
  • Limit smart search results.
  • Custom search placeholder text.
  • Custom search button text.
  • Show submit button on/off.
  • Search result page title.
  • Show all results text

  • Breadcrumbs for easy navigation.
  • Custom knowledge base name for breadcrumb.
  • Sections pagination.
  • Articles pagination.
  • Next and Previous articles.
  • Table of Contents on articles and widget.
  • SEO friendly permalinks.
  • Works with both plain and pretty permalinks.

  • Articles voting on/off.
  • Custom votes question.
  • Hide dislike button on/off.
  • Show votes counters on/off.
  • Multiple vote icons selector.
  • Bulk actions to reset articles votes and views independently.

  • Possibility to have multiple themes (only one can be used at one time).
  • List and boxed style for sections and sub-section selectable independently.
  • 1 to 4 columns layout for product and sections pages.
  • Limit articles list quantity in sections pages.
  • Show sections icons on/off.
  • Show articles icons on/off.
  • Show article counter in sections on/off.
  • Add image and description to products.
  • Add image, icon and description to sections.
  • Easy products and sections editor powered by Ajax.
  • Products, sections and articles reorder with easy drag & drop.
  • Multiple templates for articles.
  • Easily create your own themes and templates with ad hoc templating functions.
  • Comes with a fully functional default theme.
  • Responsive.

  • Products list widget.
  • Sections list widget.
  • Related articles widget.
  • Popular articles widget based on votes and views.
  • Table of Contents

  • Easy shortcode editor to create list of knowledge base articles with result tester.

  • BasePress is translation ready via .pot files as per WordPress standard.
  • English and Italian translations are included.

Easy to use
BasePress is ready to use in one minute. You just need to create a page in your site and place a single shortcode. Set few options according to your likings and you are ready to start creating your products, sections and articles. BasePress comes with a dedicated editor to create your products and sections similar to the standard WordPress category editor but with an extra edge. You will find the Ajax powered interface to be much faster to work with. Products and sections can also be reordered directly in the editor. The products editor includes an image selector if you want to present your products more visually. The sections editor instead includes an icon and image selector for your sections. The articles list in the administration allows you to see how many votes and views a page has received.

Perfect for Designers
BasePress was build to make theming as simple as possible allowing you to merge it in your design flawlessly. It features many dedicated functions to use in any template to build all necessary elements like the search-bar, breadcrumbs, pagination etc. BasePress generates ordered results for your loop according to customer options.

Change Log

Version 1.3.0 – May 16, 2017

-Added the possibility to have unlimited sub-sections levels
-Added comment support on knowledge base articles
-Fixed search results for languages with special characters
-Improved default theme
-Added new theme
-Added function.php on themes to extend theme customization
-Improved theme customization

Version 1.2.1 – Apr 30, 2017

-Fixed bug where Table of Content widget was appearing in sections as well
-Moved Table of content after Article title in default theme
-Improved Table of Content - now it works on multipage articles as well.
-Complete redesign of the live smart search algorithm and search result page.
-Added search results title for ‘No results found’ in search settings
-Added option to include number of found posts on search result page title
-Improved results for Popular articles widget

Version 1.2.0 – Apr 10, 2017

-Added Table of Contents on articles body and widget
-Added Previous and next article navigation
-Added option to disable search suggestions on touch devices by screen height
-Added option to display text for ‘View All’ on search bar suggestion window
-Moved search result page title to options
-Fixed a bug on search results page that would not show results for multiple words searches
-Added images to sections
-Added red border on invisible products on Products page to remind that they are not displayed on front end
-Minor improvements on default theme

Version 1.1.0 – Mar 27, 2017

-Added Multi Site support

Version 1.0.0 – Mar 22, 2017

-Initial Release