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Update coming soon!

i have put in in my application when i click start not go to the game view please

Project fully is worked. What are you doing with project and how you put it in your application, I don’t know. Please, tell me more what you did and what you want?

in your application working fine with out any issue put once i create new project and create the same your controllers copy and paste and the connection is correct i can see the picture but once i clicked start not go to game view

You are doing something wrong, maybe not correctly identify the class when you try to move the gallery

can i send you the project just have a look

Ok, I’ll look your code, send it

i need your email address

Thanks for the Great code :)

how can i add name for each picture ? and did you update it ?

You can add UIlabel and show needed caption in it, when you slide gallery. No, file on approval now.

please I’m still waiting ?

hd.nikolay@gmail.com You can find it in project documentaion.

I can’t found it please help MAN

Hi there – if I purchse this app, will be a matter of updating the images only and then submitting to the app store?

Yes, you can make this with extended license. All graphics in this game are original and never use before in other projects.

Can we add our images if we don’t get the extended license?

Yes you can (for personal use)

changing language easy?

This application has only one language – English. If you want simply to change language and use in app only your language, you need rewrite messages and labels in app.

hi this code is optimized for iPad mini. thanks

Hello, yes it optimize for resolution 1024*768.

how can i add more images ?

Hello. Thank you for purchased! You can find it in documentation, paragraph E>

E) Add new pictures Project contains a few images as example. If you want to add new images in project you need to complete two simple steps: 1. Rename your image files: all images which using in game must have a prefix “bb-”. For example: mercedec.jpg bb-mercedec.jpg 2. And just add this renamed files in the project in the Xcode. Application support *.png and *.jpg image file format. (If you want to use something else, please contact me.)

Hello, you can insert a background music thanks

Hello, thank you for advice! I will make it with the next update.

hi I bought your app. And it is gorgeous. I would like to inplementare background music while you play. How can I do? I thank you and I’m ready to deserve 5 stars. thanks

Hello, niscama. Thank you for purchase! You can add music by yourself, it’s very easy. Read this simple article: https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#samplecode/avTouch/Introduction/Intro.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/DTS40008636

Hello, how can I increase the time of the splash screen?. thank you very much

You can’t increase this time, splash screen show while app loading in operation memory of device. If you want add some animations or “increase time” of the splash screen you have 2 ways: 1) create new UIViewController with UIImageView contains SplashScreen image file and loading it after starting app and then with NSTimer hide it and loading main ViewController. 2) it’s more easier and better: Add UIImageView at the main ViewController. Load SplashCreen image file in this UIImageView. Add NSTimer in viewDidLoad, which will hide this UIImageView after some time. Now, when app starting you will see this image and it’s hide after any interval.

Hi, I would like the following changes as a freelancer. 1 Background Music to enable or disable. 2 Save the scores 3 when you manage to finish the puzzle, I would like it to appear an image. I look forward to his response. thanks

Hi, I would like the following changes as a freelancer. 1 Background Music to enable or disable. 2 Save the scores 3 when you manage to finish the puzzle, I would like it to appear an image. I look forward to his response. thanks

you want save only best score or all scores for the pictures? And after finish the puzzle show field for enter the name of player, right?

only the best score, by entering the name

I believe that as a term of score would be better to insert a counter?

Any plans to update for Xcode 5 IOS 7

Thank you for your participation, support for the project will be carried out as far as the availability of time, and now it is very small., Perhaps, update will be in the next month.

Hello, I try to add more images with pefix “bb-” but when the image is selected shows blank image. How can i fix that?

Sorry for my english, my native lenguage is spanish.

Best Regards.

Did you solve this?