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How about a demo?

You could have clicked ‘Live Preview’. The url is

I will def buy this and recommend to someone ,if it comes as Wordpress plugin.Send me PM ,if it will be available for Wordpress.Thank you!

Sure. Will do.

Alternatively, you can create a new custom Wordpress template and move the 1 main div within your new template. Instructions are here at

Not sure if you have done this but I assume you could add this script into Wordpress in under an hour.

Can it find from Amazon,Fry’s Electronics,Staples,Best Buy? Also to let you know the best price for a specific product ,and to hunt for that product ,and where it will be the cheapest ?.. Also let me know , for Wp Plugin…if you going to create one.

In future editions, it could have more sources. For now, it aggregates from the sources as advertised. It was designed to find used bargains.

But, your asking about products from stores with new items has sparked some new ideas. However, if any of these other sites have no RSS feeds or lack of APIs, custom scrapers are required. Then, that adds other issues when the store’s code changes.

So, for now, it is about finding the best used deals from public sites like Craigslist, Ebay Classifieds, Ebay, Kijiji and any other local website that has RSS feeds.

opps it works now


I was looking for this plugin, but your demo is completely messy, all buttons take you to same page, there is no any demo to real live preview of pulled data from other sites, very poor demo!!!!!, I do not expect anyone will buy this only if seller have some effort to create real demo.

I am talking about adding url and seeing live preview, all Canadians are looking for kijiji links and there is no way to test

You have to login. Click Login on menu at

i like all the ideas behind your scripts!

this looks great too, good luck with sales :)

HI! Is it an easy work around to not be private so that it can pull Craigslist listings from keywords to my site. I am looking for an aggregator which is not login only. I missed the point that this is private only.

Here is how to do it without login:

1) Open bargains_ajax.php

2) Near line 5 Comment the following lines /*if (is_numeric($blogger_id) && $blogger_login == $mylogin && $blogger_password == $mypassword) { } else { echo "You are not logged in. Please <a href="\"login.php\"">login!</a>"; echo ""; include("footer.php"); exit(); } */

3) Near line 125 comment out the following code: //$my_session = $_SESSION['my_blogger_id']; /*if (isset($_POST['my_item']) && count($_POST['my_item']) > 0 && is_numeric($_POST['my_item'])) { $my_item = $_POST['my_item']; $command = "SELECT DISTINCT id, url FROM urls WHERE enabled='1' AND user_id =:my_session AND item_id = :my_item"; $result = $PDO->prepare($command); $result->bindParam(':my_item', $my_item); $result->bindParam(':my_session', $my_session); $result->execute(); } else {*/

4) Near Line 136, comment out the last part of the query or change the entire line to the following: $command = "SELECT DISTINCT id, url FROM urls WHERE enabled='1' /*AND user_id =:my_session*/";

5) Near line 141, comment out the closing bracket of the else con dition. //}

1. Does it support amazon, gumtree and

2. How can I monetise? Can I add affiliate feeds.

3. Is this a multi-user script?

Supports multiple users. Can be used for rss feeds. Check if the sites you want to use have rss feeds, then the answer is yes. You can monetise various ways; like banners.

I built the script so I could find specific items from multiple sources and get the best price; thus saving money. Sort of like a personal Kayak-like, or Trivago-like script to get the best deal. Since many large sites have rss but no decent method for which to aggregate and remove the unwanted items; I built this so tracking deals is very easy.

hello can i use this script on my classfied ads website to show ads on my sites from this script


Warning: DOMDocument::loadXML(): Empty string supplied as input in /home/sitemakin/public_html/bargain-hunter-demo/tmp-xml/customs.php on line 180

Cannot see that. That will only happen when the url is improper or the url to fetch may need https instead of http.