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Seems to be a nice app.

Some questions:

1 – Does it support product variations? 2 – Does it come with backend? How can We add new products? 3 – Any payment getway support? 4 – Any APK for testing?


1 – Yes. You can do this locally by change the config file (You can add new itens, categories, set prices, descriptions and pictures) Or integrate to remote rest api. 2 – No, at the moment. 3 – No, sorry. 4 – You can install the app on your smartphone by accessing https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brunovercosa.restaurantapp but if you want I can send you an e-mail with the apk file. This is a Cordova based project so by buying this product you will also be able to build and run in IOS environment.

Feel free to ask anything you need.

Price updated. 24 dollars now. Best offer. Regards.

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you, Eric! I wish the best for you too.

yesterday was 19 dollars. today 54 dollars ?

Sorry about that, I had some issues when I was editing the product informations and end up putting the wrong price at first place.

I want to get to 19 dollars.

Hi codefix, It’s 24 dollars now. Best offer at the moment. Please contact me if you have any questions. Best regards.

Para agregar productos usa un panel o es manualmente ? espero que me puedas ayudar :)

Hola, miradiocr. Este producto no se sigue un panel. Pero usted agregar, eliminar y editar productos, sólo cambiar un archivo de configuración JSON.

Si necesita algo, hágamelo saber.

Fala Bruno, tudo bem? tenho interesse no seu App, mas precisava de algumas alterações se possível! São elas, um Banck-End para adicionar produtos e receber os pedidos.

Me envie um e-mail bruno.vercosam@gmail.com ai podemos orçar um serviço se quiser.

Olá Bruno, Tudo Bem? tem algum painel backeend para poder receber os pedidos? como o rastaurante vai acompanhar os pedidos?

Anida não amigo. Desculpe.

Thank you, st1s. You can ask me anything whenever you need any help.

Hi there I’m interested in buying your applicaton but can I ask how does orders and order status work without a backend? Thank you for the reply. Roland

Hi Roland. This product doesn’t include the backend. All the requests are made by calling local files. Best regards.

Hi, is it supported RTL?

No abdulaziz4419, I’m sorry about that. I didn’t implemented the RTL yet.

Quais as versões dos framework utilizados? (Ionic, Angular)

AngularJS e Jquery.

Amigo meu conhecimento é bem raso vou fazer mudanças basicas somente visuais, sera que consigo

Hi, can this be translated to spanish, and what do you have for language file? also the backend, can you upload some images? is this comes with APK?

Yes but there is not a language file.