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good work, awesome ! :) all the best for your sales ;)


great template does it come with full source code so i can change most things and add my own features for my real estate app

Hi, yes this app comes with the full source code where you can add/remove as many features as you prefer.

thank you very much i will buy it right now you have proven to have great customer service with your other apps great work

Thank you very much for your kind words!

If u subscribe for developer program from below, will i get access to all of your templates?


Currently you are getting access to the source code repo and the still under development features of Barebone Ionic 2. We have plans to extend that in the future

can you create multiple languages apps? thanks!

thanks! and what about Barebone Ionic 2? does it include that?

The aforementioned article can be applied to Ionic 1/Angular 1 apps. For Angular 2/Ionic 2, you should follow the Angular 2 documentation of i18n: https://angular.io/docs/ts/latest/cookbook/i18n.html

thanks!!! much appreciated

Excellent job ;)


Dear author with new update ionic-toolbar seems breaks the margins. I cant attach screenshots here but margins are wrong on all platforms. And second i am fetching sliders from hosting, version before it works normally, bit now it shows only last one slide in all sliders.

Hi Julia, yes you can upgrade. Just ask for a refund and place a new order for Professional edition using the buy links in the following page: http://appseed.io/barebone-ionic-2

Where can ask to refund? From Envato?

Yes, correct.

Add barcode scanner pls and I will purchase!

Hi, thanks for your interest in buying our product. We do have this feature in an upgraded version of this app. You can find all editions of this app (personal, professional and developer) at http://appseed.io/barebone-ionic-2. At the bottom of the page, there is also a features table for each edition.

Hello, we are using Wordpress Multiste with multiple instance, do your app support wp multiste? we need to load latest post from wp instances

Hi, as long as the information of the WP site is exposed in a JSON format the mobile application could support it. Some adjustments will be needed.

I can see how the calendar works? I can not put him in the preview events

I can translate it into Italian

Hi, the Calendar feature uses a Cordova plugin for accessing the native calendar of the mobile device, thus it cannot be previewed on the browser. To preview this feature, please, download the demo APK located on the “Item details” tab: https://codecanyon.net/item/barebone-ionic-2-personal-edition-the-swiss-army-knife-of-ionic-2/18928976. Also, this app demonstrates an internationalization example that translates a screen into multiple languages according to the user device language settings.

I would like to purchase the proffestional edition from here http://appseed.io/barebone-ionic-2 but how will i get update, everytime you update the app ?

Hi, you will get an email notification each time an updated version is available. If you loose the notification, then you can always contact our support centre to get the direct download link. Here is the contact form of our support centre: https://appseed.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new

What is the backend for the news section in the demo app? Is it firebase?

Hi, the news JSON data are located on an online server such as Amazon s3.

I see Angular 2 here, but Angular 4 on the ad image on your website (http://appseed.io/ionic-3-toolkit). Which is which?

Thanks @satsalou for your response and your recommendation to use the Ionic 3 Natives version. But maybe you missed the info I provided about using your product to develop a desktop Electron and Web app, in addition to Mobile Web and Mobile Native, using the same code base. I’m not sure if the Ionic Native wrappers are usable in the desktop environments I mentioned… Also, I read @jbeckton’s message below, saying that the packages specified are not outdated and don’t work with his latest NPM and Node tooling. Would you care to respond to it, and if you plan to fully update your product any time soon, would you please give us an estimated date when the new update will become available? Thanks again.

... I meant ”... packages ARE outdated…”, as @jbeckton said.


satsalou Author Team

1. Ionic Natives over Web/Desktop App

All the features of Ionic 3 Toolkit, which are not having dependencies to Cordova will work fine for any Web, Mobile and even Electron application. For Electron-based applications further work, related to the configuration of the Electron wrapper will be required. This is though something we could not be able to help you with.

Based on your clarifications Ionic 3 Natives, is indeed not a good match with your case.

2. Specs and NodeJS version

We are always working on the latest LTS version of NodeJS. That said our applications are developed and tested with NodeJS 6.x LTS. Cordova 7.x is also tested. LTS stands for Long Term Support and is the recommended versions for production. Any other version (eg current 8.x) demonstrates new features and could be considered ready for production only when (and if) it reaches an LTS stage.

3. Updates / Outdated packages

Ionic, Angular and Cordova technologies evolve very fast. We continuously work on that and we are trying to keep pace with all the changes and new releases. We update our applications regularly and release new versions almost every two or three weeks. This is something we are very transparent about and each application is accompanied by its detailed changelog.

Especially for Ionic 3 Toolkit and Ionic 3 natives, we are providing a Developer edition which gives access to the repository where the development takes place. This provides early access to new features and updates.

We also take into consideration any feedback from the community, something that helps us to set priorities and define the forthcoming releases.

Be Aware, lots of out dated packages and dependencies with this project. I can’t even get them to install because the project is so dated that it will not work with the latest NPM & Node tooling I have installed on my machine. Lots of great marketing flare and cool looking webpages to sell this code but that does not reflect the actual deliverables you get when you purchase this project. Looking at the package.json there are some libraries in there that are 2 and 3 major versions behind the current releases, firebase and angular-cli to name a few. I am a bit frustrated because I had better expectations after spending $49 for code that I cannot even run to verify that it does what it is advertised to do. I have so far wasted 3 hours of my day trying to fix this project so i can build and run it. For example dependencies like “com.hutchind.cordova.plugins.streamingmedia”: “0.1.4” and “mx.ferreyra.callnumber”: “0.0.2” are not even valid anymore and NPM says they don’t even exist. Additionally this project has not be tested on Android so if you are doing Android development then you may be in for a surprise.


satsalou Author Team

Hi, thanks for taking the time to post your comment. We appreciate your feedback. Certainly, there are some packages with older versions, however, we could not state that this app/project is outdated. We are making our best to keep everything up-to-date and we continue to update/upgrade the app regularly. Everyone who has purchased the app can download the updates for free. The version of the firebase package you mentioned is 3.x and the last major release is 4.x. The angular-cli package is not necessary for this app since the Ionic CLI and the Ionic app-scripts have grown enough to provide enough support for managing, building this app. This is why we did not put more effort in keeping this package up-to-date. Therefore, the version of this particular package should not cause any issues. If you are facing difficulties with running/installing the app, we will be happy to support you throughout the whole process. Please, share with us any log messages you receive to help us diagnose any issues and provide guidance. Regarding the com.hutchind.cordova.plugins.streamingmedia and mx.ferreyra.callnumber dependencies you mentioned, could you share more information/details on this, please? Did you have any error messages while you were trying to install these plugins? These IDs are equivalent to the call-number and cordova-plugin-streaming-media NPM directories which can be found at the following URLs: https://www.npmjs.com/package/cordova-plugin-streaming-media, https://www.npmjs.com/package/call-number. Finally, please, let me mention that this project is tested on both Android and iOS. Of course, it would be appreciated if you reported any issues so we could fix them.

@satsalou You should be able to reproduce my issues by installing the latest Node and NPM and run npm install. I would recommend you create a clean VM on your local machine and install the latest NPM & NodeJs and test your own code. The “It works on my machine” mindset is not acceptable to me since I paid for working code. When I run npm install I get lots of 404 errors from npm, when I try to execute the package urls in the browser I still get 404 errors. It’s obvious to me that NPM no longer supports your configuration and you should be testing your code on the new releases of the tooling as they come out so that your customers do not have these problems. I have already moved on to another project I purchased from code canyon that works so i no longer have the need to deal with a broken project and would like to formally request a refund.

Your comment about NodeJs LTS is incorrect, non LTS version do not mean they are not production ready I am concerned that you would make such a statement as it shows a lack of knowledge around the tooling and runtime you are building your projects on. LTS is for organizations that do not want new features or breaking changes injected into their tooling and execution environments for stability reasons, you can read about it here https://github.com/nodejs/LTS and here https://github.com/nodejs/node#release-types. Non LTS is not a valid reason for you to neglect supporting other production versions of Node and NPM. And if you choose not to support non LTS versions then you should be upfront about that and tell potential customers what versions of Node your project will support. There are plenty of open source and third party code and tooling that require NodeJs and NPM version above the current LTS version.

Help, I get this error when I run ionic cordova build—release android http://prntscr.com/ge5adk

satsalou Author Team

Hi, could you run “cordova platform add android” and share all the produced logs, please? Then, please, run “cordova build android” and share the logs too. These logs will help us diagnose your issue. Finally, run “ionic info” and “cordova -version” and share the output with us.

Is is easy to build focuable menus for Android TV? Where will user input from the remote control, not from touch? In sample, APK provided is impossible to navigate on android TV


satsalou Author Team

Hi, thanks for reaching out. We do not have experience with Android TV and our apps are not tested on it. The codebase we provide is intended for use on Android and iOS mobile devices.

This App has the option of radio o streaming player?

Is it possible to use a view to play a radio station in the background?


satsalou Author Team

Hi, this feature is not included in this app. However, you can find it in the Music Band app: https://codecanyon.net/item/music-band-ionic-full-application/12044328. You could share the audio stream you would like to play in the app with us so we can test it in the Music Band app and make sure it is supported by the app.


satsalou Author Team

Also, I forgot to mention the stream continues to play in the background while the user changes screens or minimizes the app.