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Hi, great app – thanks.

One question, how i hide the flyout menu during the opening process of the app – i would like just the loading screen to show.

Thanks Dustin

Could you please share a screen capture or video with me in order for me to figure it out?

You may use this free software for that https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html

thank you

? Google group in not there anymore for support. Please update Readme file.. Is there a change log?

I thought Titanium is a write once/deploy anywhere platform, I see this project duplicates code, Android and IOS folders for Controllers/Views , I assume this is to avoid IF ( iOS) IF ( Android ) within the same source code.

I’m new to Titanium but if this is it, I would prefer to search for another options around like Embarcadero RAD Studio.

Any feedback is welcome. regards,

Hi, this could be a rhetoric question with no one-size fit all answer.

According to me if the project is small it is OK to go with the IF/ELSE branches to check the platform. In general I prefer to avoid IF branches make things simpler by following convention. This drives however to a bigger amount of files.

The choice here is less files over simpler code. I’m voting for the latter. Again this is a personal preference.

Love the app, looks very promising, Pre-Purchasing Question:

How difficult will it be to have this app just call wordpress post then have a button within each post to just open a browser window(within the app itself) to view the whole post at a specific site?

Thanks in advance.

The JSON structure is provided by Wordpress [1]. This could be adjusted by configuring the JSON plugin in the Wordpress’ end.

In the case where the information you need is already part of the JSON that is provided, manipulations could be happen in the controller of the View in Titanium.

Mailchimp is waiting for a POST request to a specific end-point and by providing a very specific set of data. On of them is the list ID where the submitted user will be subscribed. I have not tested something similar, so far, but If you need so I may give it a try. In this case please send me a PM.

[1] http://demo.titaniumtemplates.com/wordpress/?json=1

Thank you once again SKOUNIS for your prompt reply!

Could i pm/email you an example of what im trying to accomplish with your app and maybe you could let me know if possible or if it would require some extensive work?

thanks again in advance and thanks for the demo wordpress JSON link

Sure, please send me a PM

Is there demo app to show the feature ?

Please send me a Private message in order to arrange this

Hi Skounis, Great app! I’have a problem. With the Barebon App I cannot use the debug mode. In other words, the flow of the code doesn’t stop to the breackpoint points. This happen only with the barebone app. With others projects it’s ok. I reproduced the issue on other PC and on a MAC, both android and iOs emulator. I’m using last SDK.

I just noted that my download package has this path: barebone-alloy-full-application.zip\BareboneAlloyApp-1.1\ I saw the last change log, It is the 1.2, (support for the 4.x version of SDK and June replacement Titanium Studio). All files inside the package are modified on 21 May. Could be not last release?

Hi, could you please send me a private message? I will check this and provide you a download link for the updated codebase

Download link sent

Could this app can sell products if I have an wooecommerce in my wordpress site? Could this app can show wordpress pages or only article? Could this app UI can show Chinese? Could this app can show any thing as same as my wordpress web site? Could you please send me an app (android) for test ? thanks so much~

For Wordpress custom implementation on top of this app is required.

For Chinese, the generic answer is yes. I could not help you further though.

An. apk will be prepared and attached to the details page of the app very soon


I’ve got an “Error processing style” when trying to compile the app.

Here is the log:

[ERROR] :  Error processing style "/Users/JohnDoe/Documents/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/barebone-alloy/app/styles/._index.tss" 
[ERROR] :  Expected "}", bare word, comment, end of line, string or whitespace but "%00" found.
[ERROR] :  
[ERROR] :  - line:    2
[ERROR] :  - column:  1
[ERROR] :  - offset:  2
[ERROR] :  Alloy compiler failed
TRACE  | titanium exited with exit code 1
ERROR  | Error: ti run exited with error code 1
    at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (/Users/JohnDoe/.appcelerator/install/5.0.4/package/node_modules/appc-cli-titanium/plugins/run.js:92:66)
    at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:98:17)
    at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (child_process.js:820:12)
TRACE  | Sending exit signal to titanium process:  7260

I’m new in Titanium development and don’t know how to solve this bug! Could you help me?

Best regards.

Could you please delete the ._index.tss file which is mentioned in this message. This file is not part of the project and seems to be generated.

If this resolves not your issue please send me the “index.tss” file of your project.

anyone knows what changed in recent Nov 2015 update?

Please check the CHANGELOG.txt file within the project’s folder.

I’m also now updating the page of the product here in codecanyon


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Hej what is the login and passoword ????


it is mentioned in the comments in the login.js controller.

/* Test User Email: test@test.com
 * Username: test
 * Password : 1234

abli Purchased

Okay, I can display all resources from my API but image I think it is because all the images are in sub array any one who can help me with it…. ? I couldn’t find also the check out in the product detials….?


abli Purchased

Check out button is it included ?

Hi, if you are mentioning a shopping cart feature the answer is no. Such an implementation is not part of the product yet.

Hi, Trying to build the app ( Warning : I’m new to Appcellerator :-< ) .. I’ve had to update the API version in the tiapp.xml from 21 to 23 ( it wont compile with the latest SDK without this change ) ... Unfortunately the compiler keeps crashing… Before I contact the support @ Appcellerator has anyone else tried building the app with version … All the sample apps seem to build ok and can run in the emulator…

Hi, Solved the problem … Looks like Appcellerator..Within terminal in the studio .. npm install -g titanium alloy

Glad to hear that. Thank you for let us know.


How do you configure the contact page?

Could you please describe what kind of configuration are you looking for?


I imported your barebone and personalised it. How can I change the organisation though? I can’t test it on the simulator because the app does not show up in my appcelerator cloud account because it is registered with your organisation.

thanks for info on this!

creating an empty project and copying all files from the barebone project except the tiapp.xml worked. needed to add the ti map module to the new project in tiapp. it starts now, but it asked from a user name and login in the simulator. what do i have to enter there?

If the app is still connected with my Arrow (Appcelerator Cloud) Account then you should use:

  • Test User Email: test@test.com * Username: test * Password : 1234

Please check the Login.js file for details.

Hi, I am looking to get this App template, my question is, do you really use MVC I am building apps with the “M” models so I can call RESTful API (CRUD) when I do by example ” user.destroy() ” its a call to the API according to the Model I set…

Or are you building views images on code? Or through Models? Thanks

Very nice template! I checked the documentation and looked through the code (alloy.js) – what is the best way to disable the right menu? i couldnt find a setting like enable.LoginScreen = false in alloy.js. i tried uncommenting Alloy.Globals.rightMenuItems in alloy.js, but this didnt work

this seems to work: i removed the references to right_menu and rightNavButton in home.js and 2 in alloy.js (right_menu and Alloy.Globals.rightMenuItems).

Hi. I just bought your app. I tried to build it with Linux (Arch).

I manage to deploy on android emulator others apps, so the Appcelerator install is ok on this system.

First I had “[ERROR] Application not registered.” Solved following https://archive.appcelerator.com/topic/2787/error-application-not-registered

Now The build still fails at the end – I got | ERROR | Path must be a string. Received undefined

last part of the build log:

[INFO] : Packaging application: /home/username/android-sdk-linux/build-tools/23.0.3/aapt “package” “f” “-m” “-J” ”/home/username/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/barebone-alloy/build/android/gen” “-M” ”/home/username/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/barebone-alloy/build/android/AndroidManifest.xml” “-A” ”/home/username/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/barebone-alloy/build/android/bin/assets” “-S” ”/home/username/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/barebone-alloy/build/android/res” “-I” ”/home/username/android-sdk-linux/platforms/android-23/android.jar” “-F” ”/home/username/Appcelerator_Studio_Workspace/barebone-alloy/build/android/bin/app.ap_” “-auto-add-overlay” “—extra-packages” “ti.modules.titanium.ui:android.support.v7.appcompat:android.support.v7.cardview:com.google.android.gms” “-S” ”/tmp/116512-31524-r4o6s.hrq2awcdi/res” “-S” ”/tmp/116512-31524-q5by3q.nz0jw6ogvi/res” “-S” ”/tmp/116512-31524-b7xakv.zh9v0zr529/res” 2016-06-12T15:40:49.431Z | ERROR | An uncaught exception was thrown! Path must be a string. Received undefined 2016-06-12T15:40:49.432Z | ERROR | Path must be a string. Received undefined

Thanks for your help


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Hi, it’s possibile to use app without cloud functionalities?

Hi how can i install the files on appcelerator? Thanks