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Why i cannot submit a post? after i created an demo account but it didnt show any option when click add post

Submitting a post is disabled. The editor is only for viewing at this time.

If like that, how can user use it?

Nice Plugin ! GLWS :-)

I think it would better if you would setup another demo with another theme e.g. the wp default theme like Twenty Sixteen as with your banzai wp theme to see what’s looks like …

To see better what is a feature of the plugin and not from the bazai theme …

Thanks for the suggestion. i’ll keep it in mind for the future.

good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)

I had been waiting for the launch of this plugin, however, I’m not able to preview it as I get the message that banzai.jaskokoyn.cc is not working. I want to see if this plugin has all the features that are present in the plugin that is used in your Banzai theme. Please let me know when the preview link gets sorted out. Thanks.

Hi. Once I installed the plugin, failed with the css of my website. I use the latest version of wordpress.

Please Help !

Please open a support ticket at http://support.jaskokoyn.cc/ and message me your site along with admin login so I may take a look. Thank you!

Thanks. I’ll buy it for mysite http://apksave.com

hi, i’ve bought from you before but I’d like to be able to test the creation tools before buying this, seems as though I can’t

Currently testing is limited. You’re free to create an account and view the create format editors.

when I log into the demo account and go to create nothing is there

Hi, I would like to know if Banzai is a theme or a plugin. Thank you.

Cool concept! GLWS!

Looks cool. Would be useful if user could see what the WP admin settings/options are. Or maybe some screen shots? If I wanted to just have a site that did open lists, is it possible to disable the other features like polls, memes, etc?

Before I buy, I want to try. Can you give a sample password admin panel

Currently admin demo is not available. You may register on the site to see the front end submission.

Hi, I bought Rocketeer a few months ago. I have been waiting for you to launch Banzai and want to find out if there is an upgrade price from Rocketeer to Banzai?

Currently there is no upgrade price from Rocketeer to Banzai.

Hey it is possible to use the social locker for Quizzes? Or it is only avaible for lists? Or can i change the e-mail lock with a social lock? So the User must like the page to see the result

It’s only available for lists.


I have recently installed the Banzai WP plugin and have tested posting a and all is working fine.

My page still has the default 2016 WP Theme, how do I change the theme to look like your examples sites?

This is a viral plugin and not a theme. Only viral features are available and not the design. The theme that is being used her is called Banzai which you can find here. https://themeforest.net/item/banzai-viral-buzz-wordpress-theme/16074553

Ok I am looking for a meme generator, is this?

(great work but bad name, you can improve your sales by renaming it)

After Roketeer cms and Banzai theme you are doing well bro. Goog job!.

check demo please?

Hello, for some reason Avira flags the demo just an FYI please let me know when its ready I would like to take a look

Hi, some questions: it works with shortcodes, right? I mean, every single quiz has an own shortcode? Pop up after finishing the quiz can be disabled? Can be added more social, like share through Google+ Social locker can be implemented also in quizzes? It requires custom coding? Thank you in advance