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I am currently using the sahifa theme I bought from – – it has banners but no option to make more than one banner to show up and rotate in the header banner. Can I use this one to replace the header banner they use and if so. what code do I need to add to functions and header files?

Thanks, I like the way this works. Just need to know the answer to questions before I buy.

sure, but i don’t know your theme, so i don’t know if you have to edit the header file or you can add the shortcode into header by the widget (this depends from the theme)

How would I find out? Looking into the header file I see this for the top banner: <?php } ?> <?php tie_banner(‘banner_top’ , ‘ ’ , ‘ ’ ); ?>

And this for the banner under the header: <?php tie_banner(‘banner_below_header’ , ‘ ’ , ‘ ’ ); ?>

What code would I use to replace for your rotating banners?


<?php echo do_shortcode("[BRG id="id_of_banner]"); ?>
you can see the banner id from listing after its creation or adding it into a page (a dummy adding)

Wow…thanks. Gonna buy it now. If I have any issues I will let you know.

Yes. Give me a second or two.


sent, please give me your site link to see the result ;-)

Hi, are you still supporting this plugin?

hi, sorry for delay. what do you need?

Same problem as others.. Purchased Plugin and images do not show.

please give me your site linke and if is possible the admin credentials too. so i can understand the problem i need more info. sorry for inconvenience

hello my friend, i just purchased your plugin today, i created a banner listing when i select it to edit it to make it active it shows nothing, i am sure it was active when i added it, all i want to do really is use the code form the banners to add it to an arbitrary text widget! let me know where i went wrong i also watched your video. just to clear things up ;-D waiting for a reply

Thanks mate, cant wait for the update so i can start creating banners.. <3

perfect, thank you for patience

your welcome ;-D

Messaged you but did not hear back from you

emailed you

My apologies. There was no email address for you so my reply got sent to Envato. Sent you the info again. Since I don’t have your email address I had to message through your profile

answered, please unostall old plugin, download the updated plugin from codecanyon and install this new one. sorry for inconvenience

Ok thanks. Where do I get the updated version? When I download from the download section of my account, the file is named exactly the same as the one I have installed.

yes it has the same name but it is updated