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Very nice job! Congratulations!
Just one question: can the script log the banner click hits? It could be useful some reports showing if the banners are clicked, how many clicks are there and from which IPs.

thank alot for your compliments, in this version it’s not possible. in a future, i will do a pro versione and i will include your suggestion in it

It works (Rotates the banners) however the the images do not show up when/where you ‘Add Your Slides’ in the Generator.

Also, it would have been helpful to have had the default password to Login to the Generator and also where to change it… It was not in your ‘Readme.txt’ file; you may want to address this.

Can you please help me as to why the images are not showing in the Generator… They Rotate fine but do not show in the Generator when creating the Banner.


i explain oyu the problelm, i choose an script to resize image because it don’t need any library, to do it in php you need GD library and not all are able to install library on their hosts.

GD Library is installed on my Hosting server.


ok give me more time, i’m finishing a plugin. when i’ll finish i work on it and reupload it on envato with doble option. sorry for inconvenience

How do you make the Banner clickable?

Do want a any Captions; just clickable rotating banners…

i had troubles too, my server dont had asp, and GD it is installed on the server, why do you dont put on the requirements that?

actually, i dont care too much the preview, but, the worst thing, if i had a site created on php, with db, it makes the site not load anything else after putting the include, this dont works on my site, this is useless… how can i get a refound????

hei mate,calm. I’m used to help my clients, these are problems that can occur. we can discuss about them. if you want you can give me link so i can see problem and i try to help you to solve it. than if you want refound, there are no problems, but you have to ask it to envato team because when you bought plugin envato take 50% . Now in italy are 2:45 a.m. , if you want you can leave me a message here or you can contact me on skype and tomorrow we can talk about your problems. have a good day. p.s. my skype account: MrPlugins

This is awesome. Just wish I could add a link to each image so they were clickable. If it had this, I would definitely by this.

thank you for interest.
this is a light version, but i’ll do this upgrade early.


When do u plan to come wiz a pro version?

Happy New Year

for the moment i have not idea to do a pro version.
if you have some suggestions please tell me ;-)
Happy New year

This would be great if the banners could have links in them. But I don’t see how that is in this current version.

i know, it’ll be in the list of updates.

Installed, is not working correctly. Setup DB and getting the following error ” Error: could not connect to database”

sorry for delay. can you give me a link where i cann see error?
you can contact me on skype for a best comunication.

Any progress on making the images clickable instead of only being able to click on the caption? I am holding off on purchasing this because my client specifically needs the image to be clickable. If you can let us know if you are actively working on this (we know you are busy and have many projects so we understand) that would be awesome. Thanks, looks great.

at this moment it’s very hard for me to satisfy your requests.
I would like to write the new version, with more effects and also responsive to bootstrap, but i need time. Sorry for this and than you for your understanding

I am very happy your replied so fast, I appreciate that. No worries, we have a working banner cms right now, but it uses as3 and I am trying to get around that. Look forward to your future dev.

I need to set an expire dat on banners. is this possible?

i’m sorry, but it’s not possible at this moment

Hi, I just installed your script but it is not possible to upload images. I also think the install instrucctions are not well described due you are named folder that doesn’t exist in the script files. May you help me please, I need to solve this situation asap. I wait for your your comments. Thanks.

hi, you must create the folders (and they must have write and read permissions) where the images will be uploaded. please tell me how you are installing the software and where you put the software dir and i will send you a right config file.

you can send me info via email too or ifyou want and trust me i can install it for you if you send me ftp credentials

Hi, I sent you an email answering your question. I wait for your comments asap. Thanks.


Been three years when you anounced the PRO version including tracking / clicks / analytics. Any news on that one?

The demo is nice looking. But overall, the product does not work. Do not buy. You will be very disappointed.

Berore write this type of comments please contact me and i will solve problem.

You have received many complaints about this item. All of these comments are visible. You should really consider fixing this item. Negative comments hurt your reputation, and give new potential buyers a bad perception about you and the items you sell. And this directly impacts your sales on all items (the good ones and the bad).

you are right but i don’t understand. can you explain your problem? Please tell me what is wrong, so i can fix it (to fix i have to know the problem).

will this script be updated anytime soon, when I click on the preview banner tries to popup but doesnt stay

hi, try to accept popup for my site from browser. This feature is needed only for preview

hi i bought your Banner Rotator Generator Manager and it is not working can you please help me with this or give me a refund it is up to you no banners shows up any place my skype id is dj42210 add me and let me know what is going on with it ken

hi, please give me the link to your site and if possible give me valid admin,ftp credentials via email to take a look the problem.

sorry but at this moment i can’t open skype


odam Purchased

Hi, I have some problems to connect with the database. Please can you help me to set up the script? Give me your email to send you the FTP credentials. Thanks.

hi, you can send me your dato to

please red readme.txt file, you have to set some path to use this script into config. if you set wrong path the script not work, it’s normal. now i have setted the configuration for you, but in the future if you will change script directory please edit config file another time.

the for your problem, please active show errors to the screen on c panel or give me some errors log, i suppose you have problem with fopen,fgets functions because the script is not able to do some replace into a file when you save the banner

ok , Please fix my problem

sorry but it’s not my fault. please contact me into 2 hours on sktpe and we try to solve problem togeter.