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Dear. ii pay your site but i can not useuse it. Please check and help: http://www.an-chi.com/banner-management/clients.php

Hi we have created a brand new Free Wordpress client plugin. This plugin is free and will integrate with any of your Wordpress installations seamlessly. This plugin was released today and is fully up to date with all of Wordpress latest version requirements. Please download this plugin free, review and give us your feedback via the internal message inbox, or code canyon comments or ratings


Thanks www.centralhubb.com

Hello, would you be so kind to email me your latest version. I bought this script because you where talking about upgraded version see centralhubb.com. So please email me centralhubb.com version. (or i would like to have my money back)


Please email me your latest version, should be version running on centralhubb.com. You advertise with this so….

Please email it to me or refund me please….

currently users of the new version can use www.centralhubb.com or the wp plugin version

This is not where I paid for, Banner Manager Pro Update (April 2018)? this is what you advertise and this is what I want. I do not want to use a 3rd party advertising platform for that, I want to run it my self. That is what you sell with Banner Manager Pro. Please refund. (I will notify codecanyon as well)

Refund done!

Where is the pricing for the cloud hosted version?

i don’t understand… you talk about new version, but the last update was years ago… im lost