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I am mangeing a large website using a .NET based CMS.

The banner manager offered by the CMS is not qualified for our needs anymore and we loom for other options.

If we will use this script on another PHP server, could we use it to manage ads on our site?


Yes you can.

I have a question : Does this script must be installed on same server as we sell the banners or it can be distant ?

You can install it on the same server or a different server the footprint size on the server is small

Hey this tool comes with payment integration

i purchase the banner manager pro for php but i have problems ehit de installation, my php version is 5.4.34 and i think that is a problem, can you tell me if i can install on my server?

or how can i install it?

please in case of not are possible how can i get a payback money?

thanks in advance

do you think to will publish a update?

i pay for it but never i use it, please tell me if you think to publish an update, ohp5.4 compatible thanks

i built this using php 5.6, the average developer users either php 5.6 or php 7 these days, i built this using ubuntu 14.04 heres a guide to switch php version if you also use ubuntu


I am trying to test this on ‘localhost’. I followed the steps necessary, it got set up properly without any errors, but, the banner doesn’t render in the test page. Please advise.

Thanks, M

Ok, while I am still waiting for your response (what is the support policy/SLA here?), I must clarify that I am trying to use the embed code on a separate instance (.Net) than the banner management instance (LAMP).

Though the comments and your FAQ responses suggest that this is supported, but, I see that the banner tracking js actually takes the URL of the site (where it is embedded) into account and looks for the folder path, as if it is entered in the same instance.

What configuration do I need to do to be able to make it work across instances?

try display all errors at the first line inside public/index.php this will tell you if there are any issues.

<?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set(‘display_errors’, ‘1’);

I have php 5.4, can you help me to run this script on my server?

or when do you think publish a update of script compatible with php 5.4?

please i need to use this script

thanks in advance

hi, please help me

i built this using php 5.6 yet it might be compatible with php5.4 the code is quite simplified

Before we purchase I have a quick question. We are using a php classifieds script and we need to display banners related to a particular category. For example, if a user visits the motor section of our site, can we display banners related to motors.

yes you can display the banners how you in placeholders. you can easily add a few lines of javascript or php to control the sections management.

How can i get my money back, there is NO support.

what do you want to know?

no login system? what happen?what time update the login system?

no login system as of yet no sorry, maybe on a the next release

Does the script have client section to track and report their respective banner performance?

this application is a one sided application for the website owner administrator

We are interested in your product but because of the dead links and negative comments posted about the product we are requesting a direct link. Does your product support the php 5.5 or php 5.6 standards and does it allow the posting of the banner ads after payment is received?

it supports both php 5.5 and php 5.6 and 7, the standard non wordpress version is pure php

Hi ! Html banners works with your system ?

no but it can be adapted quite easily

Hi, Your script is not compatible with php7? :(

yes it is

Hi, I have install the banner script, and add all the java script to my index page, but the banner do not show on my index page.. i have also add clint + banner.. hoop you can help


Does this system have a front end where potential advertisers can buy banner space and purchase that space with the software. Has it got payment gateways integrated.