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Hi Webtet,

this is what i want, but i need carousel option,... like in your “Brand carousel” module,, If there will be carousel option, i will buy it ;)

thx for reply

Hello, after few days we will add new module – “Banner carousel” .So if you want – You will buy it :)

can you make a screenshot to see what configuration option within

Hello we added more screenshots, you can see them after few days.

Good evening, I have a problem with your module: I want to install three items on my homepage (as on your demo site). I hope that the three elements appear below my slideshow, but I can not. If I choose “Display Banner top”, then the 3 elements appear above the slideshow. If I choose “Display Banner home”, so the 3 elements appear at the bottom, too low. I tried to graft your module on “DisplayTopColumn” but the system rejects the transplant. I actually bought the module to show these 3 elements directly above my slideshow (RevSlider). Can you help me to make the movement of the elements under the slideshow? Thank you for your reply. Best Regards.

Good Evening, Have you added the transplant “DisplayTopColumn” on your module? Thank you for your reply. Good day. Best Regards.

Hello and thank you for adding the new feature, the top! The module works perfectly, I am delighted! Works perfectly with prestashop

Thank you. Best Regards. And one more thanks, that you don’t forgot to rate us.


Thank for your choise and don’t forget to rate us :)

Hi ! Thx for this great module… I got a problem, the module works only on my homepage… I would like to have the banner on all the pages … Can you help me with that ?

Hello! I sent you my email by private message. Thanks! I’ll tell you if it’s ok.

Hello, thx for your reply, i didn’t receive the new ZIP file …


At now you can display this module on hook top and top column on all your pages.

Thank for your time, and don’t forget to rate us :). Best Regards.


I need to show the banner in this hock “displayFullWidthTop” How can i do that?

Best Regards


Yes we saw it. We still working with it. Unfortunately it taking more time than we think.


5 days ago i send you an email to see if the problem would be solved when, as is normal for you have not received any reply. More than a month made the purchase and our project stands to be completed just waiting that makes this module to work properly. As you can understand it is important to know when something will be done, especially when the module is buy more and a month ago. We need a solution to the problem and the most important information when it will be completed. We await news.


Unswer for you was sent via email.


Hey, if I buy the product I get even a Zip file? Or are all the innovations already in the purchased Zip?


If you will buy module you will get last version of module with all innovations. And full documentation about module.



I have the version prestashop. My eshop is this www.hairmaker.gr

Do you think your module works on my theme correct??


Yes this module will work on your theme correct. You can buy it.


I just bought the module to my store 1.5.6 but no load, help me plz :(

Have you found the error?

I bought the module 10 days ago and I’m still waiting for a solution. I’ve sent you access to backoffice and I haven´t received any answer.

I need to fix the error please.


Please check your email.


Great module! Can I add text or banner to specific pages only?? Like category page?



We can change file. And send changed version of this module for you via email, if you will buy the module.


how to install the module???? Normal way of installing module in prestashop does not work at all.

I purchased the module but dono how to install it. I have never had any problems with any other modules but this module.

Is it possible to add banners like the first 5 in this image: https://codecanyon.net/item/banner-manager-static-html-content-text-block-module-for-prestashop/8954621

Do you have a demo store for that, to see how it looks responsive?

Is there a backoffice demo available?

I did upload the Addons on my prestashop and it says download successful but i cant find it in the module list as installed or to install it

I have fixed the problem (Uploaded Not shown in Module List) by extracting the zip file locally and upload it by FTP and making sure permission is 755

how to use html

i just by n install this, but problem with html box.

Hello I bought your module, but I get an error when I upload to the web! The module that comes out to download is in1.7.2.2?


Thanks for your choice, and one more thanks for your time. You will can update module during few days. Or I can send updated module to you via email.


Hello. I can’t put the button styles inside the HTML box and neither the black background. I change but in the front office it shows the HTML code. And also, in the backoffice it shows an error that says 0 (zero).