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How can I add it to my php ecommerce website ?

This file is a template of a banner. You could enter your texts, your link and your youtube video. It is something very similar to the flash, but it is easier to publish to adsense.

It’s all well in this new program, so I’ll try to help the most buyers for me to learn as well.

sorry, I can’t understand you, my question in specific, I want to add your banners into my php website, how ?

Sorry for the mistake. But do not have a good answer for you.

The Banner example, I used iframes. But the iframe is great because the banner is expandable. The ideal is to make an iframe banner size, and that when the banner increases, the iframe increases.

A javascript would be required for this, and I can not do. As the banner is mainly for Adsense, I believe that Google gets this done in the settings.

If you see the other expandable banners, no one has yet to do so. Should be a little difficult.

But I think soon I’ll know how to do it.

Im using iframe to embed the banner but i dont know how can i get expanded with the banner.

The banner expands but the iframe dont.

Im using for my own site. Not using for adsense or whatever.

Hi friend.

I am noticing that many buyers want to use the banner on the site, even without adsense. For me this is a big surprise, but good!

I really do not know how to expand the iframe. I think in the adsense this is done automatic. But I will research this weekend a way to do this. And I will try to find a way to do this.

I ask you to wait 2 or 3 days for your answer. Thanks!

Hi friend. I am solving your problem. I’ve done a script to increase the iframe. But I could not call this script through the banner. But I asked a question in the forum and am awaiting a response.

Wait just a little ok =)

What if my website is responsive??, they doesn’t seem to fit on my tablet

I think this option you select in Adsense. It would take another banner to replace. How is a new program, these problems should be fixed soon.

Thanks!, Nice Work very creative, congratulation for being the best HTML5 Ad seller

I do not think I’m the best, has a lot of good people here! But thank you friend =)

Hello, can you make this banner auto expanding when mouse rollover on it? you can see auto expanding HTML5 templates in, it’s so interesting for visitor.

I sent an email to, i think this is you. I want you design several ads & games for my company. Email me:

Thank you.

Hi friend.

I did not receive your email! Please send me again =)

About hover on the banner, it is optional, some customers prefer clicking. But it is easy to edit.

Hello, do you have any updates with inserting your banner on site directly by using iframe without adsense?

No friend, I’m sorry, but I could not do that. I tried a number of ways, but could not. Many client ask me that.

I even sent an email to the developers of the program, but they did not respond.

Hey, we are unable to edit the text in Google Web Designer. How do we edit this?

Hi friend, sorry for the delay in responding!

Please check the instructions that came with your file. There I show how to edit the text.

Hi there. Do you know if this will work inside an Android app? I was wanting to use this within an Android game.

I do not know friend, I never tested. But I researched on this page:!searchin/gwdbeta/android

From what I read, sometimes it works, but it can happen a few bugs.