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Hi Pablo, can this work on a non WP site?

Hi Somecat

Sorry my friend, it does not :(

Hello, are the uploaded banner responsive?

Hi Samwan

Could you expand your question please, not sure if you are talking about the plugin or the banners themselves.

Regards Pablo

Firstly, great job!!!!

some Q’s tho..

What if someone pays for a month advertising and then 5 other people sign up to have advertising by the day? these guys have to do they know they have to wait a month before theirs becomes live?

How can this work so that it is fair for other people who want to advertise on the website?

I fully understand the concept and am interested. bu I can only see this will work for 1 person per time…

Please let me know how I can make this work on my website if I have ten people wishing to advertise on the same week, but only 7 days.

Maybe there should be an availability booking type calendar pre-sale, to check next availability to advertise. Have you considered this option?

Kindest regards,

Hugomax :)

Hi Hugomax

Sorry for the delay in replying I needed to confirm with my programmer that my thoughts regarding your question were right.

You can have as many people advertising on the same day as you like, the plugin just rotates each ad :)

Kindest Regards Pablo

In that case I’m in!!!! Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply.

On the “Banner Image URL” is there a way to have the user upload their own image rather than entering a URL ? Not everyone knows how to use copy and paste URL.

Hi the image has to be hosted on their own server – Thank you for your enquiry :)

Hi, i need a plugin for ads, what i want is to be able to add ads in widgetized area with shortcodes but in one place to have ads that rotate , i mean i have a widget in a sidebar, i pu a shortcode inside and in the same widget space to have rotate in refresh with other ad, so in the same place i have add for product 1, in refresh, ad for product 2 etc, can i do that with your plugin…?

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

At the present time you will not be able to do this with my plugin Regards Pablo

Hi Pablo,

What sizes of banners does your plugin accept? Are they positioned on pages/posts or can they also work in a sidebar (or other widgetized area)? Do these banners rotate automatically if there are more banners on the same page?

Thanks! :) Calx

Hi Calx Thank you for your questions :) It accepts any size of banner Positioned on pages either by html or [shortcode] Yes it is a banner rotator so you can have as many as you like

Regards Pablo :)

Hi everyone. I need your help, i make the installtion of Ads Management and i want know how Buyers can access to buy my ads. My website is Thanks for your help Moh

Hi Moh Just view this video below and it will explain to you how to go about giving buyers access to making a purchase.

Thank you for buying my premium wordpress plugin

Regards Pablo

No screenshot for the banners tab. Are they placed with shortcodes?

Doesn’t seem to work for me. First when setting up ad plans it doesn’t display the placeholder image. Then on the advertise (Sign up) page, it doesn’t do anything but spin when submitting form.

will this still work with the newest wordpress