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Hi. Great Template.

Can I use this template such as app information. I want to build some tutor for user learning. Thanks

You can use this template to build any kinda info/directory type app if the UI suites your need! Plain HTML/CSS/JS files are available with the package. Just edit them and build :)

Thanks mate! :)


Does this come with CMS or Admin Panel?

If yes, can see the demo?


Hi, There is no CMS/Admin Panel for now. But you can generate the JSON files using any CMS or use remote JSON files if you need. We will add an admin panel on next update if some user want that. Thanks

Ok thanks for the reply. Hope there is CMS in next update.

hey.. .. I want to buy it but I need an admin panel… to add or remove data …

I will add it on next update. Although you can easily add data to the JSON file for now. Thanks

Hi i will buy this if admin panel is included

I will add it on next update. Although you can easily add data to the JSON file for now. Thanks

Hello nice app you have there :) I am new to this app creation stuff.

1. Do I need any coding knowledge? 2. If yes, what do I need ? 3. Do i need all the details of the banks before I can use this app or there is a way out ?

Okay as I said “Near You” feature is an automated feature. The app will get the user’s current location and will show the nearest Bank and ATM locations with details obtained from Google Map. That will work anywhere of the World. So you don’t need to do anything with that.


can i get the documentation of the android version :)

Hi, did you purchase the item? Documentation included with files. Thanks

HOW dO i specify the location of the atms? thank you

Hi, Which location you are trying to specify? “Near You” feature find the ATM/Branch with location from google map, so you don’t need to specify location. For the lists of Branch and ATM you will have the specify through JSON file. Thanks


Are you updated this app with CMS + Admin panel ? Please inform me when you released.

Thank you.

Not yet. Will update on first week of January. Thanks

I would like to purchase this app at earliest possible, but waiting for your cms version? Could you tell me by when can you release the app with the CMS for the same so i go ahead.

Hopefully I will push an update by January 10.


I’m looking for an app that I am able to:

1) add stores manually (not automatically from google business feed)

2) add open/closed hours as a calendar style, for example I would like to inform that a specific sunday it will he open, when regularly in other sundays it is closed.

3) When the store is viewed by user, it must check curretly date/time and inform automatically if store is open.

4) list of all open stores at exactly time.

Do you thik it is possible?

Hi, You can hire a developer and develop your app according to your needs. Let me know if you want me to develop it.


Hi, do you have an estimation cost to do that modifications?

Please send me a message from the profile page. Thanks

Any update on the admin panel?

Hi, Not yet. But I am planning to update soon. Thanks

I am waiting for that update to buy it soon, can u also customize the app for my city data, let me know ASAP

Hi, Customization service is not possible right now for big data since I am stuck with some other project. I’ll try to update it with admin panel soon.


Hi mate!

Waiting to purchase this because I need to ask if I need to change something to make it work for Windows Phone also?


You can use the web app to easily compile for Windows. We just prepared for the Android version but it’s ready for the all platforms if you use PhoneGap to compile.


Can I use it to find restaurants instead of bank, atm?

Sure, You have to create your own offline database by following the easy format I included. And for the restaurant (Near You) you have to change the strings. Thanks

Hello, can I edit in microsoft xdk ? :) :)

Hi there, There is the full Web App code in HTML/CSS/JS. So, you can just create your App project in any SDK and just use the web app code there.


hi can i have your skype ?

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in! You can send a message from our profile page.


i send message no reive any response since few days

Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience due to the holidays. We’ll get back to you soon.


How difficult is it to incorporate ads?

Does it have a web app backend now?

Definitely great work. Goodluck with your sales ;)

Thanks mate!

Do this app still working?

Hi there,

The main files are HTML, CSS and JS which works fine. You can create Phonegap app (or any framework) and use the web files.