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Very addictive! GLWS!

Do you happen to do small modifications? Maybe like MyCRED/BadgeOS support?

hi thank,i don’t know about MyCRED/BadgeOS,i will think about it.thank you

Hello , this is a great game, I would like to know as you go through the levels is the speed changes , may turn to the contrary or slow and then fast .

HI THANK YOU,i will think to add it

Hey i want to buy this product but i want to know how much levels it contain and how can we add more levels.

20 level, if want to add need use construct2

I am an Affliator of this site and also want to buy this Product so want to know more when i make advertisement of your app.thanku

ok ~thank you

Love this game.. Have added to my affiliate website.. Super addictive..

thank you

Hey, corpvs. I love this game. How many levels does it have? What’s the difference among them?

Thank you, L

20 level

Hi, do you need Construct 2 or any specific software to swap out the images?

hi,if you want to change image,can just open the image folder,and change it,if you want to change more details,you need use the construct2.