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is it for Cms Pro m2 ?

Yes is for CMSPro m2

is it work for php script ?

Yes is for CMSPro m2

you don’t get my question. i want use without fremwork

yes you have possibility to use on any php project … i will help you to integrate it is simple and fast :)

You might want to remove this item, since I have not given you a permission to sell anything CMS pro related.

Dear gewa13, i have purchased the your product 1 year ago, and i have ask you to make simple addon and you asked more money to do it … now, i never forget copyright issue because is addons for your product like other product found on this site. And now is good to you if user release new addons or modules…. i have see a lot of user ask modules and you says no more modules come! This is my point and ise… if you want we start collaboration … and your product more client purchase if new modules related. For example… i have see other company sell themes for cmspro :)

I have gave you a fair warning, but you leave me no choice but to report to CC. You can not sell anything related to CMS pro on Envato market. On your own site, yes, you can do what you want, but not here.

If gewa13 , will not confirm this , I will not purchase. and gewa13 I thought it is from your side …..but….

Sorry again.

Dear Mahmut, this is addons … i cant understand why gewa13 never want to sell it :) but is simple addon like other product found on this site.. i have purchased license of cms pro m2 and i never forgot any copyright

Not Alex? Not buying!

Is your decision :) Thanks anyway

If Alex didn’t give you any permission I won’t buy! Regards

Is your decision :) Thanks anyway

I have a phpfox social network script, can this be used for that?

Hello Metal, yes, you can integrate on phpfox social network .. if you need help to do it contact me..

Seems like a neat plugin, can you please provide some more screenshots? Is there an user interface where you can change the settings or do you have to make the changes in a php file?

Hello, no php code change, is basic class ban country and you have just to include the class on init file. you can change setting simply on config file maked for ban country and change redirect for your country banned!

@gewa13 you are embarrassing.

infratto good luck with his “warning”

Don’t give any permissons? No way! For ever ALEX’s origin products…

Is your decision :)

is it easy to implement with cms pro?

yes is really easy :) if you need help i will do it for you:)

And what does CC saying about this all??? is alex right or wrong?

Please provide clear detail as to how the config works. Is this nothing more than a huge ass htaccess file when complete?

Im sketchy as to this product due to the above comments from Alex. IS this a product that will be supported if you cant sell it here as a CMS pro Addon?

Hello, sorry to delay The config files is really simple and include clear documentation of it

So you didn’t answer ANYTHING i asked. Clearly, you don’t provide str8 answers and I suspect the support will be similar.

I’m going to pass on this item until you can demonstrate: 1. – how the script is configured to work with CMS Pro (not buying it to see the config file – sorry) 2. – IF you can use it with CMS pro LEGALLY – I think you pissed Alex off big time 3. – when you can take less than 24 hours to reply to something posted… 8 days = an unresponsive seller. Who do you think has 8 days to wait for you to reply on a sales issue let alone a support issue????

There are OTHER options available: your’s is not the first country ban item (here on Envato) and wont be the last.

Good luck. You’re going to need it.

Hello Virtual, i got my baby in hospital and just for this i never reply to fast …. i have license of Legally CMS PRO Version from 2 years

good news!
did you intend to create other nice plugins like this one?
thank you for your work!

Yes, i have created contact me on private if you need more info

I have an ecommerce website and what to use your tool , how ?

hello, you simple integrate it including class on your project

Can I use it on wordpress?

yes you can use it

is it for Cms Pro v4 ?

yes works