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Nice job, well done! :)

Thank you, diank123!

Interesting I may use this in an upcoming project. Well done welcome to CodeCanyon looking forward to more of your work

Tnak you, nokiko! Here you can see how it can be used –

Cancellation possible displacement effect?

Yes it possible – we need just to comment a few lines, in next update we’ll enable this option.

Hey Love the plugin, its about to go live on the launch of our new site coming soon. However I noticed a BUG:

Whenever the page loads, on 1st hover over a video, the area doesn’t seem to expand. The videos get a little weird in that tight space. (

After the video has been scrolled over, it seems to initialize whatever it needs and on hovering over it again it works perfectly.


Hello, I bought this slider but i can’t get it to work with multiple instances, even if i edit the id, change it to a class and get “wrapper: document.getElementById(‘banana-slider’),” to use getElementByClassName it’s still not working.

any ideeas to fix it and make it work multiple instances on same page?

i saw that you used iframe for your demo.. that doesn’t sound too promissing :))

Yes, for now it supports only one slider per page. At the moment we works on vertical version and youtube support, but also we’ll try to enable multi slider in one page. Thank you for the request.

Hi Teona,

We are having an issue with the Banana slider, if you see here: if you just move your mouse vertically, it has a shudder and doesn’t like to load the video that is displayed on hover, at least not in the first instance. Once its loaded once its fine. But the first time, its not happy.

Any ideas why this might be happening?


Very clean design, good luck with sales!

Is there a way to rotate slides based on a specific date with this slider? If not, will this become a feature in future update?

Dear Teona team,

Is it possible to not scale / control the scale of the video playback? (right now the video zooms in too much inside the container).

I’ll appreciate a prompt response.

Thanks!! Ori