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can we ban all ips except just ours? for developing sites it would be good instead of changing hosts file to see site or using iptables to block all but our IPs??

so instead of banning one we reverse it ans allow only one or 2 ips?

Yes, if you want I can update 1 file and do it for free. If you purchase the system, I will edit it for you.

Can a range of IP’s be banned?

Nope, I’m sorry.

Nope, I’m sorry.

Hello, nice item. Just two questions:
1) One can schedule the IP banning (like set the starting and ending date in the future)?
2) IP masks, ranges are supported?
Thanks and good luck with the sales!

Starting date = immediately Ending date: that can be scheduled, yes.

IP Masks & Ranges are not supported.

possibility to ban one country ?

add that and i buy ur script

Nope, that is impossible to realize. There is no script that is 100% working in banning country’s.

u get ip

u accept all connexions

during this time in background u grab : and then you remove this ip

What do you mean?

Never heard of and this script is a standalone system.

it was just an example